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8 Ways Water Helps Weight Loss

Written By Samantha Crosland • 6 min read

Water is essential for weight loss, among about a million other things we need to happen daily with our bodies! The function of the human body depends on water, and when our body is working in tip-top condition our efforts towards building muscle will be met with successful weight loss (more specifically, fat loss). Read on to learn the 8 ways water helps weight loss…

“H2O”, probably the most recognized chemical formula ever- more commonly known as water. Think of water as the highway that moves nutrients and waste between cells and organs. Without it, we would die within a few days. It is essential for sustaining life and overall health and does so much for the body… plus it can be your number one ally when it comes to weight loss (when used along side a healthy diet and consistent exercise)!


Water is necessary for all chemical reactions in our body to take place, and that includes metabolizing (burning) fat. If you don’t drink enough water you will become slightly dehydrated. This slight change in hydration can wreak havoc on your body’s ability to metabolize anything and everything, thus slowing down your metabolism as a whole. Slow metabolism = not burning calories efficiently = not burning fat effectively = not meeting weight loss goals. Not drinking enough water is also linked to constipation and digestive discomfort. Make everything easier when you drink more water!


It can be hard to drink enough water every day if you’re not used to it- especially if you are one of the many people who “can’t live without” their sweetened coffee, sodas and juices. When we drink our calories we tend to forget that we’re still consuming potential energy. Everything we ingest is broken down into molecules and dispersed among the body to be used immediately and efficiently. If you drink a sugary juice while you’re sedentary, all of those sugars will eventually be turned into stored fat because the body doesn’t need that instant energy. Storing more and more fat is not the way to reach weight loss goals. Be mindful of everything you take in, and remember food and drinks are supposed to fuel us and make us feel good… not just provide an instant sugar high.

*An important note: While you ought to reduce liquid calories, that doesn’t mean reduce liquid! Just drink water instead of those other beverages! Get a reusable water bottle, fill it up and keep it on your desk or your person all day. That way you’re always reminded to sip some water! Aim to drink 2-3 full water bottles just in the 9-5 hours of the day (assuming the water bottles can hold roughly 32oz of water). Try drinking unsweetened herbal tea, or water infused with herbs and cucumber for a change of pace that won’t add inches to your waistline.

| 3. DETOX

The more water you drink, the more fluid runs through your kidneys. Our kidneys filter out toxins that need to be removed from the body through urine. The more you drink water, the easier and more effective your kidneys will become at excreting toxins. Also, drinking ample amounts of water helps to decrease mineral buildup in the kidneys… that build up can result in kidney stones which are NO FUN to get rid of. Help your kidneys, limit your salt and alcohol intake, and drink more water. You’ll feel so much better!


Drinking water before you eat can help you to feel more full and in turn, eat less than normal… which is probably a good thing considering portion sizes these days are WAY too big. This isn’t to be misconstrued as “drink water and don’t eat”, it’s about helping you to truly listen to what your body is asking for. Drinking a full glass of water 20-30 minutes before you eat can help you recognize how hungry you actually are. Our body has a funny way of telling us it’s thirsty- often times the craving for water is disguised as hunger or fatigue. So drink up, eat slowly, and wait before you dive in for seconds. Let your body recognize the nutrients you’re feeding it before you eat more. Chances are, if you take your time eating and drink plenty of water throughout the day, you’ll actually realize you only need about half of what you pile on to those big dinner plates.


Feeling a little sluggish or tired? Drink some water! Water makes up roughly 70% of our bodies, and we can’t store it like camels. So, keeping a consistent flow of water coming in is essential for making sure our bodies have enough to stay on top of their game. Do you know what happens when you’re brimming with energy? You crush your workouts, you feel way more positive, and you’re less likely to make unhealthy choices. Drink up!


Want to crush your workout? Stay hydrated! Muscle tissue is about ¾ water by weight- that’s why those who have larger muscles need more water. That’s why those who want larger muscles or a toned body should drink more water- your body and your muscles NEED it! Not like a high school girl needs to have the perfect backpack for the first day of school… more like how you NEED to drink water or else you’ll die. To keep our muscles working at optimal performance levels they need to be taken care of and supported through proper nutrition, hydration, fatigue through exercise, and restful recovery. Water is essential for reaching fitness goals and recovering from a killer gym session. Bottle of water, anyone?


Our brains are almost entirely made up of water, so it makes sense to keep ourselves hydrated if we want to be able to use our noggin’s at optimal levels. Being so densely made of water, the brain is extremely sensitive to dehydration- you can start to notice side effects being just 1% dehydrated! Those effects include mental fatigue, fogginess, headaches, and lack of focus. It can also increase the feeling of anxiety! Nobody has time for that! Dehydration doesn’t only come from going on a run and not bringing any water. You can get dehydrated simply but not drinking enough even if you’re sitting all day. So stay alert and keep headaches at bay- drink more water!


Water also helps us to “keep our cool”, so to speak. That’s right, water helps us regulate our internal body temperature. Think about it- the skin is our largest organ, and it’s responsible for helping to control our body temperature by sweating, or not sweating. You may not notice, because the human body is so wonderfully designed and efficient, but metabolism creates A LOT of heat- just an energy producing side effect of breaking down literally everything! Because we create so much heat, the body has to be able to cool itself down, and that’s where water and sweating come into play. If you’re dehydrated you may not be able to sweat enough to regulate your body temperature, and this can result in hot flashes, dizziness, flushing or even a stroke if it’s really, really bad! Stay cool and don’t forget to sip out of that water bottle!

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