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155 lbs. Lighter – Olivia Oldach's Weight Loss Success Story

Written By Joni Hargrave • 4 min read

An amazing success story to share today!
One of our sweetest campers, Olivia Oldach went from barely able to finish the mile to now working towards her NASM Personal Training certification! Olivia came to PFC Fitness Camp with a clear goal in mind. On her own she was able to start her weight loss journey, then decided to elevate her efforts at PFC Fitness. From PFC to now, it is incredible and inspiring what Olivia has accomplished and we can’t wait to continue following her fitness journey to see where it leads to next!

NAME: Olivia Oldach
AGE: 23
HOMETOWN: Fountain Valley, CA

What was your life like before PFC Fitness Camp?
I’ve been over weight my entire life and my interests growing up were definitely more sedentary ones. I wasn’t into fitness or sports. I was one of those kids who dreaded P.E. class in school, whenever we had a timed mile I was always one of the last ones to finish, clocking in at around 18 or more minutes every time. That coupled with not knowing how to eat properly, or being aware of the amount I was eating lead to a lot of weight gain over the years.

What inspired you to make a change?
I had spent so much time avoiding scales, ignoring my very obvious weight issues hoping it would eventually change on its own. I was the definition of “ignorance is bliss.” If I didn’t know about it, I didn’t have to worry about it. Until one day I was in the doctor’s office and their scale read 360 pounds. That’s when I knew I couldn’t ignore my weight anymore and decided I needed to make my health one of my biggest priorities.


How much weight have you lost since you started your fitness journey?
Soon after that scale scare I had made the decision that I was going to make losing weight one of my biggest priorities, and I officially started my weight loss journey on January 28th, 2014. It is now February, 2015 and i’ve lost 155 lbs.!


How did PFC help you lose weight and reach your health and fitness goals?
There are so many things I love about about PFC, but I think one of the biggest things for me is that the program is just so complete. When losing weight I kept hearing people say “You can’t just diet, you have to make it a lifestyle change. It HAS to be a lifestyle change.” And that is completely true, but most people don’t really know what that entails or how to properly go about changing everything they’ve ever known or done your entire life. We know it has to be a lifestyle change, but how do we effectively and successfully make those changes? That’s where PFC is truly a great program—they taught me just that. They look at weight loss from all angles. From fitness and nutrition, and from the mental and emotional sides as well. They teach you how to set clear, realistic goals and how to reach them. By the end of PFC I was doing so many things I didn’t know I could do! I was creating new habits, embarking on new workouts I never would have tried and becoming this awesome version of myself I never knew. The best part was it got easier and easier as I contented to progress.

Are there any key players from PFC or key takeaways that made a big impact?
The PFC staff are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. They are all so genuinely caring and friendly, and you can tell they all sincerely want to help people reach their goals. Not to mention they’re really fun, which makes the days go by so quickly because there’s so much time spent laughing and actually enjoying the activities. One of the things that made a big impact was how encouraging all the trainers were. There’s a trainer named Ryan who kept pointing out how strong I was while I was here at camp, and he would have me try and lift heavier weights, and I was always surprised when I could do it. By the time I had to go home, even though I still had work to do to get closer to my weight loss and fitness goals, I had this new found appreciation for my body that I had never had before.

How did you stay on track when you went home?
My month at PFC went by so fast, and I had learned and changed so much. I didn’t want to go home when my four weeks were over, but the at-home program definitely helped keep me on track. It was awesome being able to still communicate with the staff and get PFC tips after my stay as I started to incorporate what I learned at PFC into my everyday life. It helped keep me on track. Wendy was really great about answering any questions I had, and I was always excited to send her my fitness and weight loss updates every week to let her know how I was progressing.

Olivia’s FitTip
If you have 100+ lbs. to lose like I did, it can be overwhelming. What helped me was breaking my weight loss goals into smaller goals. For me, those smaller goals were losing 10lbs. at a time. Also incorporate small fitness and nutrition goals along with your weight loss goals, because if the number on the scale is the only thing motivating you, it gets very discouraging when you hit a plateau… and you will hit a plateau. Stay positive, work hard, and you will reach your goals!


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