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Weight Loss Hack: Increase Fat Burn with Kettlebells

Written By admin • 3 min read

Weight loss isn’t easy. If it were, billions of dollars wouldn’t be spent on effort-free weight loss pills or fad diets… and FYI, diets always fail, so don’t waste your time or money on depriving yourself! I digress. When it comes to weight loss, patience, dedication and kindness to yourself is necessary. Weight loss is a process that turns into habit, that turns into lifestyle. That said, there are specific workouts that make a BIG difference in revving up your weight loss goals. Today I will focus on a weight loss hack to increase fat burn with kettlebells.

Kettlebells are the most versatile free weights out there on the market—the possibilities are endless! What makes the Kettlebell great is its ability to easily transform from cardio to strength or even combine them at the same time. My go-to workout in a time crunch is a Kettlebell complex. Why, you ask? First, let me explain what a complex is.

A complex is a series of exercises piled on top of each other to make one big tasty exercise club sandwich (no mayo, sub Ezekiel bread:). Just 15 minutes of your time and you will have completed some great strength based exercises and pushed your sweat odometer off the charts. Kettlebell complexes are the best way to double down on strength and endurance at the same time! This means you are getting the most bang for your buck as it is one of the easiest ways to burn off that unwanted fat.

My favorite complex is 5 Double Cleans, Presses, Squats, and Swings. You hit just about every major muscle group. To make this complex cardio strength blast a more complete workout, just add in a few rounds of bent over rows and lunges and you my friend, have a solid workout right there. I must warn you however, this isn’t for the faint at heart. Swinging heavy kettlebells around can be dangerous without proper training. So, please make sure you follow my form on the video. Just follow my lead and swing your way into that lean body that you are working towards!

Complex Exercise Explained:

Cleans: Load up your Hammies and glutes, keeping your weight into your heels. Make sure your thumbs are pointed towards your bum, hike two kettlebells back, plugging your forearms into your groin or crotch area. Using your hips, not your arms, send the bells forward, and rotate your arms around the bells. Try to pretend there is a wall in front of you, so as not to hit the wall with the bells. Finish the movement by engaging the lats at the top of the clean (also called the rack position) cushioning the impact. Repeat 5 x’s.


Shoulder Press: With the bells in the rack position, squeeze you glutes and send the bells up keeping your shoulder blades down, and finishing with your arms in line with your ears. Finish by returning the bells into the rack position. Repeat 5 x’s


Front Squat: With the bells in the rack position, sit your weight in your heels, send your knees wide and squat down as low as you can. Try to keep your torso upright, and your gaze straight ahead. Return to the top position by driving thru your heels and squeezing your glutes at the top. 


Swing: from the rack position, roll your arms around the kettlebells and hike them back, hinging at your hips and plugging your forearms into your groin. Then, using your hips, send the kettlebells forward to about chest level bracing thru your core and squeezing your glutes at the top. Don’t forget about your lats pulling your shoulders away from your ears at the top. Once you have hit that top position with a solid lockout, repeat the movement by sending your hips back and plugging your forearms into your groin. 

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