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How to Crush a Workout Like a PFC Trainer: Wendy’s Workout Tricks

Written By admin • 3 min read

It’s 5:30pm right now. I have worked since 6:00am this morning, picked up my daughter from her track practice, helped her get ready for a school function she needs to go to, and now I am alternating between cooking her dinner and writing this blog. I have a number of PFC campers I need to email, a dresser I need to finish assembling tonight for my daughter’s room, and I have to start doing my taxes. Oh, and the grocery store. I forgot about that. I need to get some things at the grocery store tonight!

But guess what? I need to work out too. Yep. So how do I get myself to give it a great go when I have what seems no time, more important things to do, and I am already exhausted from my long work day? Surely, today is just not the best day to exercise, right? WRONG!

What motivates us differs from person to person, but here are 5 ways I keep myself on track and exercising regularly.  Maybe one or two of them might work for you too!

1.  Exercising is NOT an option

I don’t view exercising as an option in my life. I view it as basic as I view the need to brush my teeth. If I don’t brush my teeth, my teeth and gums will rot and I will probably lose my teeth. Do you ever question the need to brush your teeth on a daily basis? You don’t, do you? I don’t question the need to move my body either.  Very simple, non-negotiable point of view but it works for me!

2.  I don’t wait to be motivated  

How can I feel motivated when I have tons of things I really need to get done in a small chunk of time? Also, does huffing and puffing and putting myself through a challenging, muscle burning workout sound insanely appealing to me, especially since I’ve been up and busy since 4:30am? No! What motivates me is not the process, but rather the knowledge of how strong and happy I will feel after my workout session! Now THAT’S motivating to me!! I also know I will be a better mom, girlfriend, daughter and sister when I take the time to take care of my health.

3.  I set an event goal

It could be a race. Maybe a spartan race this time? Sounds fun and out of my comfort zone! The point is, I find something to train for. Something that I can share with my friends and the other hundreds of people who will be at that race with me. There is electric energy that courses through all the hearts and souls that show up on race day! I make myself and my training part of a bigger goal than just “working out” day in and day out.

4.  I take time each day to thank my body for keeping me alive and well

I think of my body as my best friend, not something that is mine. I thank it for keeping me alive by giving it movement and exercise. Energy begets energy.  Stagnation begets stagnation. Even on a cellular level. I owe my body the workout.  That motivates me.

5.  I watch the video “Mindshift Motivational Video”

I’ll pull this video up on Youtube every morning and at the beginning of every workout. I listen to it from my headphones as I am warming up. TODAY IS MY DAY!!  This is a video you do not want to miss. Here is the link:   https://youtu.be/fviFNrWKzZ8

I hope some of this resonates with you.  Like I said, we all find motivation from different sources. These are a few of mine. NOW, I am off and running…literally.  About to tie up my running shoes and load “Mindshift” up to play! One hour of a huffing, puffing, muscle burning, soon to be sore experience coming up!

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