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How To Crush A Workout Like a PFC Team Member: Dougie's Workout Tricks

Written By Nicole Lash • 2 min read

I don’t know about you but I am definitely one of those people who has to push themselves to workout. It’s ironic too because at PFC I’m surrounded by some of the best nutritionists and trainers all day long, but sometimes I just fall into a funk and need a little bit of a push.

There are several things I do that ALWAYS do the trick and motivate me to get in my workout groove! If you’re anything like me, try these tricks the next time you’re planning to hit the gym:

1. Lay out your clothes the night before

If I plan my outfit out the night before, it saves me time in the morning where I could further procrastinate my workout. The fact that I have clothes laid out already, allows me to just throw them on and get out the door!

2. Your mind always gives up before your body does, Create a Mantra!

Many people think it takes physical strength to crush a workout but, in all honesty, it takes more mental strength. Yep that’s right! I always make an effort to think positively and tell myself a mantra during my workout that motivates me from beginning to end. Literally, tell yourself that you can do this! Just one more push-up or 10 more minutes and then you’re done!

3. Pick an Accountability buddy

One thing that always helps me is to have an accountability buddy! Call your friend up and ask them to go to a class with you or take your mom on an afternoon hike. It’s so much more motivating when you have someone to lean on for support and someone who is there to push you to keep going.

4. Book classes ahead of time

If you go to a yoga studio or a fitness studio like OrangeTheory or Barre, always book your classes ahead of time! This is something I do because it gives me a set time that I have to carve out for fitness. Setting a workout schedule is so helpful for me and I encourage everyone to do it.

5. Choose a playlist that rocks 

This is my favorite trick that I use to crush ANY workout! It always comes down to the music you play. I make sure to pick a playlist that gets my energy up and makes me want to MOVE. I have a list of some of my favorite upbeat songs that I play for every workout and, I have to say, there’s nothing more motivating than a good workout playlist!


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