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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Your PFC Fitness Trainer: Tony Johnson

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One of the newest editions to the PFC family, PFC Fitness Trainer, Tony Johnson has stolen the hearts of our team and our campers. Tony has undertaken an atypical journey to health and fitness, especially for trainers in the fitness industry. In 2010 he accomplished his goal of losing 100 pounds in a calendar year and in the process, became inspired to take the lessons he learned to encourage others to pursue their fitness goals and dreams. Today Tony is a PFC Top Fitness Coach in San Diego who inspires and helps transform so many lives at PFC Fitness Camp.

Read on to learn 25 Things you may not know about one of our favorites, Tony!

Favorite TV show: House of Cards

Favorite Movie: The Green Mile

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Restaurant: True Foods Kitchen

Favorite Exercise: Burpee Ball Slams

Guilty Pleasure: French Toast

What was your story before becoming a PFC Top Fitness Trainer?
I have spent most of my life as a sedentary, morbidly obese person. In 2010 I made a commitment to myself to lose 100 pounds in a calendar year. With the inspiration and support of my mom, who also underwent a lifestyle change toward health and fitness, I achieved my goal and then some. After achieving my goal I became a trainer so I could help inspire as many people to seek the positive lifestyle change that I did. Prior to working at PFC, I was a professor of speech communication, and a high school political science instructor for seven years. I earned these titles through my successes as a nationally competitive debater and debate coach. My time in debate taught me so many integral skills, namely: researching, writing, critical thinking, public speaking, and how to connect with people and approach confrontation in a collegial manner. However, debate is an activity that teaches a sedentary lifestyle and encourages many unhealthy behaviors. Leaving debate to teach fitness full-time has been the greatest life decision I have ever made!


What inspires you? Music, lyrical and emotive texts, my family and friends, and clients (past and present).

Top 3 favorite workout songs:
Sax by Fleur East
Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
Got this Feeling by Justin Timberlake

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? Ground Turkey

Healthy Mantra: The body is made in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym.


Any hidden talent? Yes! I’ve got a knack for Poetry and Muay Thai Kickboxing

Favorite hobby besides making campers sweat: Making myself sweat on beach runs, yoga, meditation, reading and writing.

Go-to healthy snack: Apples and Almond Butter

Favorite time of day: Morning. I wake before the sun each day for morning meditation.


If you could share a workout with any famous person (dead or alive), who would it be? I would workout with Muhammad Ali. My grandfather had the privilege of boxing on the 1960 U.S. Olympic team with him and has told me many stories about his courage, grace, and humility. I would choose a workout with him because he is the greatest technical boxer of all-time, in my opinion. His precision, strength and speed are all things I admire, but I think he would be able to share a lot of wisdom about his struggle to combat cultural and religious discrimination in America as well.

I’ve seen every episode of… House of Cards, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead

Any Tattoos? Yes! My dad and I have the same tattoo in the same place.


Neat freak or Messy? Definitely prefer a tidy space.

Any car wrecks or Speeding tickets? Unfortunately, yes to both:)

15 Minutes of fame: I am a published author.

I’m afraid of… Scary clowns

Single or Taken? Taken

If I can travel anywhere in the world today, I’d go to …. Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS - SEPTEMBER 15 2015: Beautiful views of the streets ancient buildings people embankments of Amsterdam - also call "Venice in the North". Netherland

AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS – SEPTEMBER 15 2015: Beautiful views of the streets ancient buildings people embankments of Amsterdam – also call “Venice in the North”. Netherland

Dogs or Cats? Mostly dogs, but my partner has a Maine coon cat that is quickly becoming my best furry friend.

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