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PFC Fitness Camp Opens Kitchen to Top Wellness Chef

Written By Joni Hargrave • 1 min read

PFC Fitness Camp is so excited to announce our new Top Wellness Chef and open the doors to our State-of-art demonstration kitchen to take our strongest stance ever on obesity.

Obesity is the single most significant nutrition-related health issue of the 21st century
. Understand optimal health is a combination of Behavioral Health, Nutrition and Fitness all working in tandem, however, 70% of weight loss is through nutrition, which is why we support our clients with a PFC power-house of Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Jessica Janc, renowned Top Wellness Chef, Jason C. Kieffer, and state-of-the-art PFC private, open kitchen where you will be able to see every mouthwatering meal prepared fresh before your eyes! Religious, allergy or special food requirements? No problem! Our nutritionist works closely with our clients and our chef to ensure all dietary requirements are met.

The best news? Every nutrition lecture you receive, every meal and every cooking class at PFC is designed to give you the tools to Learn, Apply and Master when you go home. We are not just a fat camp, not a fitness retreat, or a weight loss resort— PFC Fitness Camp is a life transformation program designed to help you develop sustainable habits that result in your healthiest, happiest self.

Watch our video to meet the chef, our nutritionist and hear from previous PFC Fitness Camp clients on their own weight loss experience at PFC!

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