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New Nutrition Labels Tell You What You’re Really Eating

Written By admin • 1 min read

After 20 years, nutrition labels on packaged foods will look a little different!
On Friday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the White House announced final changes to nutrition labels, which will be required on packaged foods within the next two years.

As a nutritionist, I try to teach my clients how to Read labels—To always look at serving sizes and not assume that the calories listed are always for one cup or one serving. I advise to always look at sodium levels and sugar levels, and then to go one step further and look at ingredients. I am so excited about the changes in the New required labels. They are highlighting the serving size in a larger font which really pops from the label for people to see, highlighting the calories, and they are adding a required added sugars that are not naturally occurring like you would find in table sugar, not in an apple along with realistic serving sizes.

Now if I can just get more people to start looking at the labels, we will be one more step closer to more information and making better decisions nutritionally. Knowledge is power my friends!

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