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How To Keep Your Cutting Board From Slipping, Forever!

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 2 min read

If you’ve been cooking for any amount of time, this has likely happened to you. You’re in the kitchen salivating at the thought of this great meal you’re about to cook. Before you get those burners burning, you get all your ingredients together. We have a fun French phrase to describe this moment in the cooking process—mise en place. Or, everything in its place!

You’ve finished your mise en place and it’s time to get cooking. Everything is going as planned. Well, almost everything. With every cut your board slips further and further away from you. You push down hard with your non-knife-welding hand to bring more stability. But, it just won’t stay put…

Until now.

With this kitchen hack, your days of playing “chase the board atop the counters” are no more! I know, that sounded a lot like a 90’s late-night Home Shopping Network plug for a new and improved cutting board. Rest assured, this isn’t that. Odds are, the product that solves this problem lives rent-free in your kitchen drawers! So, what am I talking about exactly?

Da da da da—Rubber Bands!

Wait, what!? Yes, rubber bands! If you know me, then you know that I am a fan of simple, practical solutions to big problems. Learning that I could stop slippage with ordinary rubber bands has been a game changer. I’ve used this trick in home kitchens, commercial spaces, and high-end restaurants! Why? Because it works! And, it’s cheaper than buying expensive cutting boards that don’t work. I also believe that cooking less stressed makes cooking more fun and the food tastes better.

So, how does it work?

Any style of rubber band can work. I’ve found that thicker rubber works best.

1.Place 3-4 bands on the countertop so that when you place the board on top, they’re about an inch or two from the corners.

2. Set dry cutting board on top of the rubber bands.

3. Finally, give it a good press to ensure it’s gripping and voila!

Alternatively, you can also wrap two rubber bands alongside the short ends of your boards. Keep in mind, this method would call for large rubber bands.

This trick is going to save your time, energy, and money. More importantly, it’s going to help keep cooking fun and hassle-free. As I said earlier, when cooking is fun the food tastes better! And a great food experience is a wonderful thing. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Till next time, cook on!

Anthony Rodriguez

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