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31 Lbs. Lighter- How Kerri Gained So Much More Than She Lost at Weight Loss Camp

Written By Joni Hargrave • 3 min read

So excited to reveal one of our sweetest, most genuine campers today for our PFC Fitspiration success story! This Bostonian left the cold for some San Diego sunshine and a life-changing experience. After Kerri’s doctor shared that her weight gain and Type 1 Diabetes put her more at risk of having a heart attack than an individual who had previously suffered from one (which is close to 40%), she new it was time to take action on her health. With a health scare so extreme, Kerri needed to make some major lifestyle changes ASAP. After 10 weeks at PFC Fitness Camp, Kerri has lost about 25 lbs. of fat, gained lean muscle and developed new, healthy habits to kick her health threats to the curb.

Kerri, know you will be so missed by your fellow campers and your entire PFC fam!

Name: Kerri Cerundolo
Hometown Boston, Mass.
Before Weight: 246 lbs.
After Weight: 215 lbs.


What was life like before PFC?
Before PFC I was not in a good place. I was suffering complications from Type 1 Diabetes and I was very depressed. It was hard to move around, let alone attempt to exercise, and I had this overwhelming feeling that I was a burden to everyone.

What made you decide to come to PFC? What was your turning point?
A month leading up to my decision to attend PFC Fitness Camp, the doctor told me because of my weight gain and diabetes, I was more at risk of having a heart attack then someone who had already had one. There was pressure to do weight loss surgery, and that was something I was not mentally able to face. As an alternative, my therapist suggested researching “weight loss camps” and gave me a week to figure out where to do it. So i did it. As a last resort, I stumbled across PFC with no idea what I signed up for. Now 10 weeks later and 31 lbs. lighter, I’ve gained so much more than I’ve lost in my incredible experience at PFC Fitness Camp. 

What has been the hardest part of PFC?
The hardest part is the idea of leaving my comfort zone of support from the PFC trainers, nutritionist and healthy environment. It’s also extremely difficult seeing people who I’ve connected with come and go throughout my stay.

What has been the most rewarding for you?
There was such a focus on me coming here to lose weight, I didn’t think about all of the other positive changes that would occur as a result of a “weight loss camp.” I immediately discovered little things starting to happen, like tying my shoes easier, breathing better, my posture had improved, I was standing taller. The confidence that came with all of those little wins  had me realize it wasn’t so much about losing weight but what I was gaining. Strength, energy, a sense of fun. The trainers with their guidance and support have worked miracles on me. In my previous life before PFC, I was very much an “I cant” person. Now, being in this environment I haven’t said or thought those words at all! Physically, the challenges are always hard, but even the smallest things started to feel like a win. Now I see so much of the wins adding up, I don’t even need the scale to tell me how I’m progressing.

What’s your plan after PFC?
My plan is to keep it simple, not to over reach, to reassess, refocus and recommit when I feel something slipping. Focus on the small wins because I know in the end they add up to much larger ones.

Kerrie’s Fit Tip:
Stay involved with group activities/classes since the energy is always upbeat and motivating. I like being around people that are working towards the same goals!





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