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A Week at PFC Fitness Camp: Day 1 with Maxine

Written By Maxine Tatlonghari • 3 min read

Meet Maxine Tatlonghari! As a successful business woman and social media influencer, Maxine is always on the go and doesn’t have too much time for herself. To kickstart her new year, she spent a week at PFC Fitness Camp and decided to document her stay with a 1 week blog series recapping her workouts, meals, and many Fit Tips that she learned along the way!

Continue reading Maxine’s Journey:

After a very busy holiday season and event after event, I am excited to take some much needed ME time. My best friend, Mary Anne, really wanted to take a fitness retreat/vacay after her crazy busy year – and after much research, found Premier Fitness Camp. She is lucky enough to be here for three weeks – and some of the campers are here for 3 months and more! As for me, I can only get away for a week but I figured that would be a perfect way to reboot and get a strong handle on my nutrition and just take a health vacation.

I am really proud though, that I have been consistent with my workouts at home – an average of 3 days a week at my boot camp class in West Hollywood, where I live, which helped a lot because the workouts here at PFC are INTENSE. Plus, it’s at the beautiful La Costa Resort and Spa in gorgeous Carlsbad so I already knew I would love the location.

I arrived last night, and had my first healthy meal in our communal dining room. The food was tasty – broccoli soup, salmon and steamed veggies. I moved into our room (so conveniently located steps from the Spa, Pool and Camp itself) and went to sleep at 9 p.m. Yes, 9 p.m. because our Orientation was set to start at 6 a.m.!

Here is a recap of my first day:

6:00 a.m. Orientation: There is a LOT to learn here at PFC and that’s kind of the point. This isn’t a quick fix type of deal – although working out 4-6 hours a day and eating healthy is pretty guaranteed to do that. The Nutrition Director, Jessica and the Fitness Director, Wendy took us 6 newbies through our paces. We each got a little backpack with information, as well as a Polar Heart Monitor and a FitBit. There is even an app with coaches at our fingertips available to help us for 12 weeks (or more) after we leave camp.

They took all our measurements and even took our blood. This was an eyeopener for me. All of my numbers were just a LITTLE on the high side, with the exception of my good cholesterol. Jessica told me that there was a good chance all of those would be within the normal range with the diet and exercise changes the week would bring. Really? Will I be able to turn it around that quickly?

8:00 a.m. Breakfast: A yummy scramble and quinoa with a bit of fruit set us up for our Fitness Test.

9:00 a.m. Fitness Test: A timed mile, timed planks and timed push ups were done to help us see how far we have come in our time here.

Workout #1
Sports Conditioning: Wait a minute. Didn’t we already workout? OK. No. That fitness test was just the baseline. Sports Conditioning. This was held outside on the grass in the midday sun which added to the challenge. Things like burpees, sleds and even suicides was a serious trial by fire. I actually liked it even outdoors in the midday sun. And I don’t really do outdoor workouts.

Workout #2
Max Muscle: This is their method of weight training, which I actually love. Push Pull, Core, Upper Body and Legs are the 4 major categories of exercises.

Nutrition Lecture: Jessica took us newbies through the PFC approach to Nutrition which is a very sensible, balanced scientific approach with holistic touches. This is a perfect approach for me as an LA girl.

Workout #3
Move & Groove: Taught by a former Madonna Dancer named Johnny, this class is a favorite amongst many of the campers.

Yoga: Taught in the world famous Deepak Chopra Center, this is the perfect way to stretch out those much used muscles.

Biggest Takeaway of the Day: I recently quit Diet Coke and I know it’s wreaked havoc on my metabolism, gut, etc. I am definitely going to take some probiotics to fill some of those holes in my digestive system.

Fit Tip of the Day: The heart rate monitor is EVERYTHING in terms of getting maximum result from our workouts. I loved that they helped us set up all the technology so that we could easily use this tool.

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