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PFC 30 Day Squat Challenge

Written By Joni Hargrave • 0 min read

With the first day of summer rapidly approaching (June 21 to be exact!), we decided it was time to get our bodies beach ready! Annnnnd the first place we’re starting is the tush! The entire staff at PFC Fitness Camp along with our campers have committed to 30 days of nothing but SQUATS… well, that and a full-day-every-day’s worth of burning, toning and shaping workouts to get ourselves and our campers in the best shape of our lives!

If you’re feeling the challenge,  join us and all of our campers in the PFC 30 Day Squat Challenge starting today! Use the hashtag #pfcsquatchallenge so we can follow your journey to a toned tush!

We’ll be checking in weekly on facebook, instagram and twitter, but to ensure you stay on track, print off our PFC 30 Days of Squats Accountability Sheet from this blog post.

Good luck and HAPPY SQUATTING!

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