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Mother and daughter pose on coastal cliff during workout hike

Mother and Daughter Shape Up for Spring Break!

Written By Joni Hargrave • 2 min read

Who: Bayley and Joan
 Relationship: Mother-Dauther
Hometown: Great Falls, Montana
A mother-daughter healthy retreat is not typically a priority in our world of never-ending business, but for Bayley and Joan, a spring break fitness vacation at PFC Fitness Camp is just what the doctor ordered! After a week of blood, sweat and tears together (ok, maybe not blood), over 5 hours of daily exercise, nutrition and educational lectures from health experts, this dynamic duo not only improved their fitness and nutrition, but gained a deeper bond then they ever imagined.
Bayley shares her experience:
I moved to California to pursue a greater education and so my mother could be closer to her family whom she has been away from for 20 years. I started to become lazy, while not dancing at my normal stamina in Montana and putting all of my energy in school work. My mother was dealing with the work of selling our old house and buying a new house, thus paper work and School work had become our new workout. We ate healthy, but we kept missing our days at the gym. Finally, not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, my mother booked a week—my spring break— at a resort in San Diego. She noticed PFC Fitness Camp and without hesitation, knew we both needed it. I don’t believe we are unhealthy, but I do know we both needed the push and the educational lessons about our weight and food.
After just a week at PFC I became a new person. My overall health improved, but what mattered most to me was the relationship that grew closer with my mother. Our posture improved, we smiled while pushing ourselves to a new max we thought wasn’t possible. I love my mother, and this experience benifited both of us tremendously.
Now after being away from PFC, my mom and I continue the healthy habits we learned at PFC Fitness Camp. We really try to motivate each other by coming up with fun challenges. If she takes our dogs on a walk, I take them on a longer walk. Or, if I take a 45 minute cycling class, she will take an hour class. It’s a healthy and funny relationship. When it comes to cooking meals, we try to limit our weekly outing to a restaurant and now enjoy cooking together at home so we can control 100% of what goes into the meals. We’ll make one meal, then make left overs into new meals. If we don’t have enough time to go to the gym, we will do at -home exercise with yoga balls and small weights. We have both agreed to the same healthy regimen, making sure we make healthy eating choices and exercise at least 3 days a week.
I think this program is great for anyone and everyone. For me, PFC Fitness camp wasn’t so much a weight loss program, but more of a health camp where you learn to understand yourself in ways you never thought before. You learn confidence and stamina from the positive people who surround you. I thank everyone at PFC for making our spring break one of the best in my life.

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