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Top 6 Ways To Increase Energy and Inspiration

Written By Page Lauer • 4 min read

Most of us will do the right thing (make the choice we value and esteem) when we have the energy to do so. What we often define as “low will-power or weakness,” is in actuality, low energy. Low energy is a powerful force that enables us to not do the things we know we should do. This is especially true when it comes to exercise and food.

Let’s work through a few questions together.

  1. When well rested, centered, and clear-minded, do you generally make good choices?
  2. Can you recall a recent situation where you made some great choices? Is it safe to say that you were more rested, centered, and clear-headed?
  3. Do you notice any connections between your ability to make good choices and your state of being?

There’s a great likelihood that the answer to all the questions were, “yes.” That’s because the vast majority of us do quite well when we’re rested and energized. We make poor choices when we’re depleted, anxious, stressed, or over-extended.

So, how do we find the boost we need to overcome? Today I’m sharing my Top 6 Ways To Increase Energy and Inspiration list. It’s going to be a game changer for you, especially in helping you reach your health goals. Choose one or two to practice this week. Get the energy you need to stay centered, positive and avoid pitfalls!


The same old routine can have you in ruts that do not serve your health goals. Try something new! Take a risk and set a new challenge. Try a new way to work, a new type of exercise, or discover a new social circle. Explore new foods, a new meal service, or a new wind down routine for better sleep. Trying the new will capture your attention and put you in the present moment. And, it has the potential to be more satisfying, increase synergy, and possibility!


Whether it’s an hour, a day, or a week, go somewhere refreshing and rejuvenating. Changing your environment can help you access a new perspective and energy. Nature, for example, can be a great source of inspiration. Go for a hike! The same is true about destination locations or places of beauty (i.e. the ocean or a mountain top), and even spas! The new space and the rest will restore you! You will have more clarity about what matters most to you. Especially, as it relates to your health and fitness.


Do you know that social media is a hotbed for negative comparisons and increased anxiety (by as much as 25%)? Give yourself permission to “Do You.” Try doing more energizing things such as stretching, reading a good book, or enjoying a cup of tea. Play Wordle, a crossword puzzle, go for a stroll or spend time with your pet. Take a hot shower, get a massage, or do something nice for a loved one. The list is endless! We can increase inspiration by reducing negativity. This will allow more space for positive energy to flourish.


Did you know that practicing gratitude improves both physical health and self esteem? Did you know that it also increases stress resilience? Try writing a gratitude list each day or each week or consider picking one thing to savor and replay in your mind. Practicing gratitude is an energy boost! And, you get double the energy when you express gratitude in the form of an act of kindness to another person.


Whether living or deceased, remembering and emulating our heroes can be very inspiring. Think about the lives of Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, or Ghandi. Consider the actions of Maya Angelou, Jim Thorpe, and Brene Brown. Perhaps a family member comes to mind. Remembering how these people worked through hardship gives us possibility and grit. It helps us believe and provides energy for daily living.


Listen to podcasts, music, audio books, poetry, prayers, or affirmations. Don’t listen to destructive things or content that doesn’t support your growth process. Listen to media that stimulates, excites, and captures your interest; particularly about health. This will give you ideas, tools, and imagery to spark inspiration. Also, it can teach you some best practices that turn into real energy for life-giving decision making!

Speaking of podcasts, I am excited to share that I am launching PFC’s very own podcast on September 7th. I’ll be sharing best practices and no-nonsense methods that are effective and efficient. Additionally, I will provide a weekly challenge to increase focus and keep you on track. Sign up today to join the R.E.A.L Health podcast community! Click the link below to send me an email and I’ll complete your registration.

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Whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself when it’s hard to find inspiration. Having low energy or lacking inspiration from time to time is normal. However, it’s our responsibility to be proactive about creating energy and finding inspiration. Positive energy is accessible to everyone and inspiration is all around us. Sometimes it requires us to do a little work to discover that spark. I hope I’ve been able to give you a few doable action items to get you on the right track. Hopefully, I’ll see you in the R.E.A.L Health podcast community very soon. Until next time, keep moving forward.

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