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Why PFC Approves of Rimel's Rotisserie

Written By Jessica Janc • 3 min read

PFC Approved Restaurant: Rimel’s Rotisserie 

Whenever you walk into Rimel’s Rotisserie, it’s easy to see the passion for healthy living through many aspects of the restaurant. From the rustic decor to the food on your plate, Rimel’s is the place to be when you’re looking to indulge in some organic and wholesome eats. Through their concept of creating healthy, natural and locally grown food, they have culminated this positive reputation and expanded to four locations throughout San Diego.

This is a spot we, at PFC, love to take our campers to, as it provides a number of nutritious options that have been made with locally grown ingredients. Rimel’s is the owner of their own ranch and fishing company. Additionally, all of the vegetables and side dishes are made fresh every day with organic ingredients.

Of course, eating out can be difficult sometimes, especially when you’re on a specific diet. We’ve created our own PFC Approved Rimel’s menu in case you want some guidance. Here, we have selected a few of their dishes and added some tips to help you make sure you’re getting the most nutritious meal possible!

 Rimel’s PFC approved Menu

 1)     Organic Field Greens with Chicken (This meal is PFC approved because it is a good source of protein and includes healthy, organic greens. Asking for the dressing on the side will help cut the calories.)

–        Ask for no Croutons

–        Add chicken

–        Ask for dressing (balsamic vinaigrette) on the side

2)     Rotisserie Chicken or Tofu bowl- (This meal has great protein in the chicken/tofu and is balanced with vegetables and brown rice. Having protein with your carbs will help balance blood sugar and will help you feel more satisfied with less in front of you.)

–        Ask for brown rice- specify ½ cup only

–        Ask for light amount of sauce

–        If gluten free, ask for Tamari Sauce

3)     Fish or Chicken Tacos- (This meal is PFC approved because the chicken/fish gives you protein while the corn tortilla is a great source of carbs. We make sure the fish/chicken is grilled, not fried, to keep the nutrients in tact and to watch the fat content. We ask for no Mateo’s spicy spread because it is mayonnaise based and higher in fat.)

(Halibut, Shrimp, or chicken)

–        Ask for corn tortillas

–        Ask for chicken or fish to be grilled, not fried

–        Ask for no Mateo’s Spicy Spread

–        Only get one taco (women)

4)     Grilled Salmon Plate w/ two sides- (Ask if you can get only 4oz. for women, 6 oz. for men)– (This meal is a great one because Salmon is so high in Omega 3’s and it is combined with lots of wonderful veggies and healthy brown rice. The perfect meal!)

Choice of sides:

Brown rice (1/2 CUP)


Wok’d Veggies

5)     ¼ Rotisserie Chicken (Women), or ½ Rotisserie Chicken (Men)- (This is PFC approved if they remove the skin from the Rotisserie chicken. Adding the protein with the brown rice and veggies is great for the blood sugar and will help you feel full.)

–        Ask for Brown rice (1/2 CUP)

–        Ask for Wok’d veggies

6)     Turkey Burger- (PFC approves this dish once you take away the white bun, spicy mayonnaise spread and the french fries. We add a side salad in place of the french fries so you get your healthy greens.)

–        Ask for no bun

–        Ask for organic greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side in place of fries

–        Ask for no Mateo’s Spicy Spread

Drink options:


Iced Tea

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