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Dr. Lee Rice

Dr. Lee Rice is an internationally known authority in sports medicine, wellness and preventative medicine. In 1980 he founded the San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center, which at the time was a revolutionary concept focusing on cutting-edge prevention and high level performance. In 2002, Dr. Rice founded the Lifewellness Institute, specializing in health risk evaluation, wellness and health promotion. Two innovative programs, Project L.I.F.E. (Lifestyle Interventions for Executives) and Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) helped the Lifewellness Institute win the national 2004 AstraZeneca Healthy Heart Award in recognition of initiating a “dramatic improvement in the health care environment focusing on the global fight against coronary heart disease”.

10 Tricks to Avoid Jet Lag & Weight Gain

Written By Dr. Lee Rice • 3 min read

The average person requires seven-eight hours of sleep each night to function at their optimal level, and when travel is added to the routine, jet lag makes it extremely difficult to meet this requirement. And, if crossing time zones,... Read More

Can Night Time Eating Really Affect Your Sleep?

Written By Dr. Lee Rice • 1 min read

It is estimated that one to three percent of the population may be suffering from Night Eating Syndrome (NES), a condition first described in 1955 but only recognized by the general community since 1999. The condition appears to be... Read More

Why Americans Rarely Get Enough Sleep

Written By Dr. Lee Rice • 3 min read

Sleep…we all need it, but what is considered enough? According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), the following chart illustrates your needs by age group: With our 21st century lifestyles, we sometimes sacrifice our hours of sleep just to... Read More

8 Shades of Pee You Need to Know Now

Written By Dr. Lee Rice • 1 min read

H20. The two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen make up more than two-thirds of the human body and is one of the most essential elements to survival. So important, that your body has its own water management system to... Read More

Sleeping Pills = Early Death

Written By Dr. Lee Rice • 2 min read

I’m pretty confident anyone reading this article will agree that there is nothing better than waking from a solid night of slumber. Unfortunately, that sound sleep is all too often dependent on a small, harmless looking, over-the-counter sleeping pill.... Read More

4 Penalties Your Body Pays for Skipping Your Zzz’s

Written By Dr. Lee Rice • 1 min read

Sleep, glorious sleep. The majority of us long to cuddle up with our pillows and get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough of the 7-8 hours of recommended sleep each night. Instead, we burn... Read More

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