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Detoxing: Science & Wisdom

Written By Page Lauer • 2 min read

“Detox” is a such a buzz word now that’s used and abused by marketers over and over again. There are promises of “detoxing skinny teas” and the like all over social media. In reality, detoxing refers to a cleansing or purification process that individuals inevitably experience throughout life as well as choose consciously. It often involves the transformation and elimination of bodily waste, such as toxins that impact organ and cognitive functions. Detoxing can also be done mentally and emotionally, too. This mental and emotional detoxing is done when we healthily identify and release old or limiting thoughts and feelings. It is a powerful aid and practice for recovery from stressful experiences and hurtful events as well as PTSDdepression, and addictions. Additionally, detoxing is an essential part of prevention and wellbeing. Most cultures have a variety of detoxing methods and ways to support such cleansing and renewal.

While some of us may need more intensive detoxification measures for mental health conditions (i.e. PTSD and addiction), there are many ways we can detox in day to day ways, both physically and psychologically:


  • Physically, nutrition is the main way we aid our body’s natural detox process, as the liver and skin are our primary detox organs which work around the clock every day. High quality, nutrient dense foods support the release of toxins and the restoration of the body. This includes simple hydration, too.


  • Similarly, exercise is a wonderful detox method. Not only does exercise support deeper breathing, which oxygenates the blood, but also reduces mental fog and strengthens the heart.


  • Time away, especially in nature, where we unplug from stress or demands and slow down or rest is very helpful. When we expose ourselves to different places and paces of life, other aspects of the body and mind both clear and relax.


  • Showers and bathing, not just as a means to hygiene, but also to revive the body, transform mental states, and access resets, are very helpful.


  • Meditation and prayer are wonderful ways to release or surrender what we can’t control and access our deeper nature, less affected by daily circumstances. Even 5 minutes a day has shown to increase clarity and centeredness as well as release pressure.


  • Journaling and reflection are helpful ways to clear and detox. Putting things on paper and getting them out of the body, increase spaciousness and perspective.

Take a moment to consider how you might cleanse and clear on a daily or weekly basis. There is no doubt that this lends itself toward increased presence, clarity of mind, light heartedness, and more energy!

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