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50 Lbs. Lighter: Sara’s Weight Loss Success Story

Written By Joni Hargrave • 5 min read


Name: Sara Lutfullah

Hometown: London, England
Before Weight: 210 lbs.
After Weight: 160 lbs.
UK Dress Size: 22 to a 14!

From London to San Diego, Sara traveled almost 6,000 miles for weight loss and to transform her health at PFC Fitness Camp. After a couple months at PFC, Sara not only lost 50 lbs., but gained a positive mindset, healthier habits and a new perspective on life. Watch and read her inspiring testimonial or read below to see how she did it!

I truly believe PFC is combating the obesity epidemic – its making the world a healthier place one person at a time. I couldn’t ever imagine only 14 weeks could help me change pretty much a lifetime of unhealthy habits but it did. I stopped existing and starting living thanks to PFC, since my first session of PFC I am the happiest I have ever been and I have a whole new positive outlook on life. So thank YOU to all the incredible PFC staff and campers, and see you all again soon 🙂


What was your life like before PFC Fitness Camp?

I started to gain weight during my late teenage years. I tried a lot of diet plans but nothing seemed to help me with long term success. My eating habits were completely destructive for my physical and mental well-being, and made me feel like my stomach was a bottomless pit and I was unstoppable. I was ashamed of my unhealthy lifestyle. I completely lost control of my willpower and happiness. I felt alone, lost and scared, and I didn’t think anyone understood exactly what I was going through.


What made you decide to travel almost 6,000 miles to a camp like PFC Fitness Camp?

In August 2015, my mum asked me to look for fitness camps in London. That’s when I came across PFC in San Diego! What attracted me to PFC the most was its focus on the mind aspect. I wanted to figure out what the deep underlying issues were that lead me to this behavior and I also loved the idea of going far away and just focusing on me and nothing else.

It took a lot of convincing my parents because I am the youngest in my family and the only girl too so my parents are very protective of me. I’ve been privileged enough to have a very loving childhood and a carefree life. My only issue was my addiction to sugar and the feeling of being chained to food, but my parents were willing to help me in whatever way possible.

My parents eventually became much more comfortable about sending me to San Diego because luckily my aunt has been living in California for over 30 years. We both shared our struggles with binging. She also lost 50lbs this year and she was a big reason that I was able to stick to the programme. I always had a home to go to where I was encouraged to exercise and eat clean and I wasn’t the only one doing that.


What was the biggest Transformation you saw in yourself at Camp?

For me, PFC has been about far more than just weight loss. It’s been a way to build better habits, both physically and mentally. Before PFC, I couldn’t go a day without Diet Coke, and now I’ve been soda-free since my first day of camp on October 19th. In terms of fitness, at my very first assessment, I lasted for just 45 seconds in a plank position. By the end of my second session at PFC, I set a goal to achieve a 5 minute plank. Ultimately, with the encouragement of the campers and the help of the trainers, especially Tony Johnson, I ended up far exceeding my 5 minute goal and holding an 8 and a half minute plank.

More than that though, my mental outlook was terribly negative before PFC. My inner critic would take over even the most basic tasks, but after two sessions of PFC, I was able to convince myself that if I set my mind to something, I can accomplish or even exceed all my goals and expectations.


What did you love most about your weight loss experience at PFC Fitness Camp? 

If somebody had told me a year ago that I would have one of the best holidays of my life exercising 5 times a day from 6am to 5pm, going on 10 mile hikes, talking about my feelings amongst strangers, I wouldn’t have believed them, but that’s exactly what happened. This place completely exceeded all my expectations. My head space feels so clear now. It used to be fogged up with anxiety and depression but I’ve been free from that ever since my first few days at PFC. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that helped me but I guess it was a mixture of everything and everyone.

A very special moment for me at PFC was when a 66 year old man Ken broke to PFC record of holding an 11 minute plank. After he finished it he told me he did it just for me and to teach me you can achieve anything you focus on. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who would hold an 11 minute plank for me but these are the kind of friendships and close bonds you make at PFC.


What’s your health plan for when you go back home to London? 

I plan to keep eating clean and stay on the PFC bandwagon. The best thing is, PFC has prepared me to continue on my own. I feel really well-informed when I go into a gym. I know exactly how to work the machines and what my form should be. I’ve had the privilege of attending three different grocery shopping tours and I learned something different at each one. I feel so comfortable going into a grocery store and choosing wiser options now. I was given some healthy sweet alternatives too, and now I find myself craving those instead of the unhealthier sweets I was drawn to before.


Sar’s PFC Fit Tip 

My PFC Fit Tip would be to hold yourself accountable and build a support system to help you be accountable when it comes to workouts and nutrition. It really helps to journal and write down my workouts and food intake. Healthy snacking throughout the day also helps, because it will stop you from eating too much in one sitting.


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