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PFC Golf Fitness Featured on Golf Digest

Written By Joni Hargrave • 1 min read

We had the honor of hosting Golf Digest for a little taste of PFC Fitness Camp Golf and here is a little snippet from the go-to golf resources weekend in San Diego.

excerpt from golfdigest.com
“Typically, my clients are life-long golfers who have a health condition or want to lose weight,” says Avoli. And they are committed: PFC Golf Fitness offers one-, two-, three- and four-week sessions.

“Nutrition and fitness are the majority of the program,” says Avoli. A typical day starts with a beach boot camp, where guests exercise in the sand, climb stairs, run an obstacle course, and stretch. That’s followed by strength-training sessions and classes focusing on nutrition and behavioral health—all teaching participants how to make positive, lasting lifestyle changes. Avoli and his team take over in the afternoons, taking clients through a total game evaluation, from fitness to swing mechanics to equipment. “We evaluate the skill sets in their swing and correct any imbalances. The swing they have may be putting undue stress on their knees or hips or back, for example,” he says. “I teach them a healthier golf swing for their body, and it’s not always textbook.” With expert physical trainers from PFC on hand, golfers learn golf-specific fitness routines designed just for them. “Pros are doing this type of training to prevent injury so that their bodies can sustain the repetition of the golf swing.”

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