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Zach Cutler

Zach Cutler

Zach is a strong believer that fitness and nutrition are vital components to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Growing up, Zach competed in many traditional sports. As an adult, Zach has shifted his passion for pushing himself from traditional sports to cycling, running, skiing and fitness! Hobbies which are physically demanding keep him motivated to eat right and train regularly. Zach loves to share his passion for health and fitness and love to get involved in worthy community service projects. He is currently volunteering to help coach the largest high school mountain bike team in the country in hopes of inspiring the next generation to stay healthy and active! Zach loves PFC because it allows him to work with amazing people form all over the world and help them get back on track in the road of life! Of all of his endeavors, the one that brings him the greatest joy is his family; his wife Jen and 4 daughters, all of which inspire him to be better!

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