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A Week at PFC Fitness Camp: Day 6 with Maxine

Written By Maxine Tatlonghari • 1 min read

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We took our measurements and looked at our results before we had breakfast and hit the road back to LA. Here is how I did:

Pounds: I lost 2.5 lbs in 5 days. I think that was pretty good, but I was more interested in the next metric …

Inches: I lost 2.5 inches in 5 days. 1 inch of that was in my waist which is my trouble zone. But again, I was more interested in the next metric …

Bloodwork: Remember back on Monday when I reported that all my numbers were slightly over the limit? Well, 5 days of diet and intense exercise and lots of water later, all my numbers are now BELOW the maximum limit and in the healthy zone. Amazing. This was absolutely the biggest motivation for me.

Overall – I really loved my week at PFC. I have ALWAYS wanted to do something like this – and this was a great camp for me. My biggest takeaway was the need for SCHEDULING and STRUCTURE in order to keep your goals alive. I loved how we ate every 3 hours to keep our blood sugar stable and how we knew what we would be doing all day.

My Fit Tip from the Week would be to schedule the time to exercise and have your healthy meals. Make them non-negotiable so that when “life happens”, you are strong and properly fueled up to handle it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my journey. I hope that if this is something you have been thinking of doing, that you seriously consider investing in yourself. If the timing isn’t right for your at this moment, I hope that there were some tips here that might work for you!

Special thanks to Nicole and the whole PFC team for making my whole experience so positive. Thank you to my BFF Mary Anne for finding this camp and kicking ass the whole time she was there and to our baby (and new PFC King) – keep on getting up that hill!


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