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    Ronnie – Gained knowledge & healthy habits at PFC

    Ronnie is a returning PFC client who has discovered a new approach to a healthy lifestyle from PFC. He is prepared to apply these changes to his life and move forward in a healthy direction. He loves the professionalism and knowledge that the PFC staff provides.

    Ro & Ali

    They came to have a full health reset, and to de-stress from college finals week. They loved the variety of workouts and the sense of accomplishment they received from the physical challenges. They learned healthy habits to take home with them, and had a priceless bonding experience as mother-daughter.

    Kathleen – Took time for herself and found a fresh start with PFC!

    Kathleen booked her stay at PFC on a whim, and didn’t know what to expect. She was overjoyed with her experience. The staff loves what they do, the food was amazing, she was able to do things she never thought she would be able to do, and she learned so much about how to live a healthy lifestyle and can’t wait to implement it going home.

    John – Loved his PFC Tennis Fit experience

    John loved escaping the winter of the East coast and enjoying a sunny week in San Diego. He participated in the PFC Tennis Fit program and loved it. He learned how to live a healthy lifestyle that he can maintain. He learned to love eating vegetables and how good he can feel when fueling his body right. He learned that you don’t have to be hungry to lose weight. John said he hasn’t felt this good since he was 20 years old!

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Mike F.

Lost 122 lbs

Start Weight: 340 lbs
End Weight: 218 lbs


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