True PH Drops


Taking Ph Pro drops daily can help you eliminate any bacteria found in the blood and to alkalize the body.


True PH is an alkaline solution designed to help raise the alkalinity in your water and in the body. An acidic environment promotes the growth of bad bacteria, yeast and fungi. The imbalance of your body’s good bacteria (probiotics) and bad bacteria can make you more prone to getting infections.

If you have a slight pH imbalance, and your body becomes more acidic than it should be, your body immediately begins to exhibit symptoms of a pH fluctuation. These symptoms may be considered little, like a runny nose, fatigue, sore throat, a skin breakout, or a slight case of diarrhea. However, these minor health issues are actually the first sign that your body might be too acidic and needs to reach a more alkaline state. If you are experiencing these symptoms, we would suggest adding True PH and Probiotic Essentials to your line of supplements. In addition, eat plenty of raw, dark leafy greens and shy away from foods and drinks high in sugar.

In return, the benefits of having a pH balanced body include boosting your energy, keeping your body functioning at its optimal level, slowing down the aging process, lowering your risk of major symptoms and diseases, and keeping off the extra weight.


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