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Work Hard, Play Hard at San Diego’s Top Fitness & Weight-Loss Camp

Written By Joni Hargrave • 1 min read

“Work Hard, Play Hard.” A high-intensity motto commonly associated within corporate culture has made its debut (albeit, a healthier interpretation) at PFC Fitness Camp. With an award-winning weight-loss program nestled in the heart of San Diego’s sunny beach cities and surrounded by endless opportunities for outdoor exploration, introducing a counterbalance of “Play” to the intense workouts our campers push through daily is just what the doctor ordered!

One of the newest elements of ‘”Play” introduced to our fitness and weight-loss campers involves a peaceful afternoon Sea Kayaking at Oceanside Harbor. Greeted by a sea lion’s bark or whistles from dolphins, our campers reconnect with nature atop recreational kayaks and enjoy breathtaking views unseen from shore. For some campers, the aerobic experience acts as a mental reboot from a morning of hyper-focused exercise. For others, a revelation of mental and physical potential realized when forced out of the all-too-dependable comfort zone.

Though sea kayaking provides an experience unique to each of our campers, the offshore water-sport remains an effective and fun activity anyone can enjoy to promote weight-loss, mobility, fitness, and overall wellness!

Want to learn more about getting fit and losing weight all while exploring the best of San Diego? Click HERE for a sneak-peak of the invigorating outdoor activities we’ve introduced to our fitness and weight-loss program!

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