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Wicked Hikes & a Word About Body Sizes

Written By admin • 1 min read

I love this photo. Look at how pretty it is where we are hiking! But in some parts it is a B@#%* to climb up to. Yesterday we hiked up to Bell Canyon Reservoir. It is truly like stair climbing the whole way. Also, Wayne decided that Jackie & Tommi needed to wear 20 lb weight vests too. AND they still stayed ahead of me by 20 yards. Then we did lower body weight lifting with a trainer for an hour. Wayne keeps stepping it up a notch. I’m pretty sure by the end we’ll be up to the freaking stars! After lunch we went on another hike..this one was supposed to be a “little” hike. It was straight up! I can’t believe my legs weren’t giving out. I am super slow on the decline. Everyone beats me it seems because I’m a downhill chicken. I hope by the end of this month I’ll be a downhill expert, completely confident and stable on my feet! For the icing on the cake – spinning!! Needless to say, yesterday I peaked in my calorie burn!

None of us here are even close to the size of anyone that goes on Biggest Loser so we will never have the gigantic weight drops that they have. But the thing that fascinates me is the difference in all of our lean muscle masses. This is our weight minus fat so includes bones, blood, organs & muscle. I am the smallest at a mere 97 lbs. Our range goes up to 117 lbs. Just another reminder to me not to compare myself to others. I’m working on it!


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