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We’ve OFFICIALLY Created New Habits!

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21 days in to the camp & according to what ‘they’ say – I’ve officially created some new lifelong habits; Eating consciously and with purpose is the one I really embrace; Drinking a lot of water all day long; Eating fruits & vegetables with every meal; Work out longer, harder and stronger….. just to name a few.

This is the fit gang. Three weeks together and tomorrow Tommi goes home. We are all going to miss her terribly! She’s an amazing girl & I think we all feel blessed to know her. The rest of us have another week together and tonight we add a man to our camp. He’s a member, not a trainer, so it will definitely add a different dynamic to the workouts. I wonder how he’ll like Zumba?

This is on my favorite hike! It’s called Bonneville shoreline – check out the view! I’ve even started to run this trail. In the past, I disliked trail running but I’ve been pushing myself to do it and have discovered I really like it. It is so much easier on my feet than asphalt. I still don’t like it when it’s rocky but this trail has plenty of packed down dirt to feel confident navigating.

This is a little game we play during boot camp passing the curs-ed 20 lb ball all the way down the soccer field. Look in the right corner at what our spring snow last Monday did to the big tree! Poor tree!

Chef David & His Assistant Jamie
Our Miracle Workers since I believe Diet is 90% of the key to weight loss success.
Wayne & Chris are awesome too, don’t get me wrong. But they cause pain & sweat (with results not showing right away) while these two produce pure pleasure.


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