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Welcome to my First Post!

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This was me at my biggest (not pregnant).

My 8 year old daughter announced to a friend I was talking to the other day “my mom is going to a fat farm!” While it got a big laugh, it got me thinking. What will I call this extended leave of absence from my family? Another friend asked if I was going to go to the “Skinny Farm“? I think it all depends on my mood, but for political correctness, I decided to say I am going to a “Health and Fitness Retreat”. Whatever you want to call Premier Fitness Camp to your friends and family…..I intend for it to make my life better!

Let me introduce myself to you, since I will be writing about every aspect and experience that seems interesting and relevant to anyone who stumbles upon and reads this blog. My name is Kristin. I do not work for PFC nor am I related to anyone who works for PFC. I am a future member starting May 9th, 2010. I am a 40-something stay-at-home Mom with five kids and I am leaving them for a month, with the goal of coming back happier, healthier and a better Mom.

My struggle with weight began 20+ years ago. I have been as high as 210 and as low as 115 at a mere 5’3″. I’m doing things kind of backward. In the last 8 months, I have dropped 30 pounds doing “Live The Life” program working with some of the PFC experts (Hi Wayne!) The new updated “Live the Life” is the program PFC will be sending me home with as well. Life and plateau’s have made it hard to lose those last 20 pounds. I am big fan of the show “Biggest Loser” and every week I’ve wished there was something out there for people to lose “the last 20 pounds”. I’ve hunted for a place to go that would be accessible and now I’ve found it in my own backyard.

I’ve discovered the thing that levels the playing field whether you have the first 20 or last 20 to lose is that no matter who you are or where you begin, we all have to work at it and work hard. That’s my plan and I have faith that PFC will help me do that.

Here we go…..


This is what i look like starting the program…………I’ll keep you updated for sure!

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