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Tears and More Tears

Written By admin • 1 min read

Look at the apple dessert – It was truly ethereal.

Can you see the absolute look of pleasure on my face. My favorite chef in the entire world, David, decided to bake our half apple mixed with a Wasa cracker, some slivered almonds and pureed apple. It turned a boring little piece of fruit into a piece of heaven. As I savored every last morsel, it brought tears to my eyes – REALLY!
Today we had to swim laps. I figured I could do it. I never have, but come on, how hard can it be? I hate when I am so wrong, but I was sooooo wrong! I choked and thrashed my way down the lanes at least a lap behind every single person. Wayne says “Swim like you are saving someone from drowning.” And a pit developed in my stomach with this sick realization that not only could I not save anyone else from drowning, I couldn’t even save myself. I have taken my kids to lakes & beaches and I have no business doing it. I would be completely useless. I finished the workout, got out of the pool and bawled my eyes out in the locker room. What have I learned from these tears shed in the last two days?
David is the bomb and I need a swim coach!


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