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Today was weigh in. Once again, my expectations were much larger than what my genes and body wants to achieve.

Here’s my stats:

  • The scale did not budge one freaking ounce. My weight was exactly the same. Another addition to my DO NOT LOVE list: The scale
  • BUT I did lose 2% body fat – now 28%
  • I put on 3 pounds of muscle
  • BMI 22

Chris & Wayne were not disturbed at all. They were happy about my drop in body fat. I, however, was extremely disturbed. I felt emotional most the morning. We went out to do boot camp and Jackie was just not going to accept my bad attitude. She is the consummate optimist! Jackie also smacks Cherie anytime she makes self deprecating jokes, which I’m guessing happens at least 10 times a day. Cherie kept teasing her saying “okay Jackie, it’s all sunshine and flowers”. We finished boot camp and after breakfast went on a hike. This is my meditation time. I plug in my ipod and just go, go, go. I tend to soul search while hiking and one of my favorite songs came on Coldplay’s “Fix You”. The lyrics start out “you try your best but you don’t succeed”. That started a little teary pity party. After a few minutes, I started noticing all the wildflowers…white..yellow..purple and I felt the sunshine on my skin. I had a little laugh and then decided to work harder and get over it…mostly. Thank heavens for Jackie, Cherie, Sunshine and Flowers!

Jennifer lost 7 pounds – that’s the 3rd week in a row that someone has lost 7 pounds.
Lisa was also ecstatic to lose 5!

5 more days left – I’ll take whatever I can get and by way of lessons learned – that’s a lot!


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