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Sunday Super Bowl Blast!

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“Sundays are always a favorite. After a week filled with enough sweat to fill a pool I think it’s safe to speak for everyone that a day of rest is appreciated. I could have slept all day in my comfy bed surrounded by windows of the outside winter paradise but breakfast was calling! Everyone was in a cheerful mood this morning and making bets on who would win the Super Bowl. I always find myself in a trance staring out the huge glass windows from inside the resort. The scenery looks too perfect to be real. We were served delicious crepes topped with fresh berries and sugar free syrup. They were made with egg whites so plenty of good protein to start the day though they tasted like a sinless dessert. I took advantage of the quiet day to get some work done in my room fit for a queen. I passed Sharon, Brett, Kathryn, Nancy, and Jan sitting by the raging fire in the lobby laughing away and enjoying the grand view overlooking the heated pool and cross country ski course. The rest of the group went down to the spa to enjoy their massages and relax in the steam room.

Tonight was a blast! The whole PFC gang gathered in the penthouse for our super bowl party! Giant sofas, flat screen TV, fire roaring, shrimp cocktails, chicken kabobs, veggie platter, fun people, intense game, and the Packers win! Everyone’s favorite massage therapist Joseph joined our party. He used to work for the LA Lakers and has cured many injuries and aches for the PFC crew. Mike kept giving Joseph a hard time about how he has an appointment with him in 2 years… on a Thursday to be exact! HAHA! All light humor of course! After the game we all made our way back to our suites and I’m sure fell right to sleep. Weigh day tomorrow and the start of an exciting new week!”

~ Personal Journal Entry by Guest Brittany Burgunder

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