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Shake Your Booty With Wii Dance

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 2 min read

Are you ready to have some fun today?

Can I get an “OH, YEAH!

Let’s turn it up. That’s right, we are going to be hip, while we hop and bop all over the place with you today. So limber up those joints, stretch out those hamstrings, and sashay into your living room to turn on the TV.


Yes, today we are going to get fit using one of the hottest new crazes in workout activities – Wii  exercise with a special look at Zumba Fitness and Just Dance 2!



Some of you might think that Zumba is an African language, while others vaguely think it has to do more with some kind of Latin roots. While the latter is closer to the truth, in fact it is neither (although if it is a language, it is a spicy one filled with samba, merengue, cumbia and hip hop). Zumba is a relatively new dance fitness program that takes Latin rhythms and matches them to invigorating dance moves. The makers of Wii grabbed onto this hot craze and created an interactive gaming experience that gets you moving with Zumba party styles.

And let’s face it. You can’t always get to the gym and sitting on the treadmill isn’t always the most stimulating experience. So how does an aerobic workout that helps you lose weight, tone, build endurance and have fun  to a salsa beat sound? All you have to do is strap on the provided belt, slip the controller into the pocket, and get ready to have fun. With tutorials, three levels of Dance party routines, plus sensors on the belt to let you know how you are doing, you will be grooving on Zumba Fitness in no time. Don’t worry about your accuracy though, as you will still get plenty of a workout, whether you challenge yourself to a solo rooftop routine or dance extreme with your friends in a night club setting.

Just don’t be embarrassed if your kids beat you on the factory floor!


If dancing to more familiar tunes is more your styles, then why not try “Just Dance 2” from Wii? You can choose from one of over 40 popular songs and are challenged with over 200 dance moves. All you need is a Wii controller, a will to try something new, and a little bit of endurance, while you step, shake and slide through the moves on screen.

Oh, plus don’t forget you will be burning calories, building a sense of rhythm, and having fun while you dance along to the likes of Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Outkast, Elvis Presley and more! Fun for one, or play it in a group mode and challenge up to four others to see who has the best moves out there. Try Just Dance 2 in sweat mode to get a great workout as well. When did working out ever get to be so much fun!

And guess what! Just Dance 3 is set to be released in October 2011. We can’t wait!



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