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Now I've done 2 things I've Never Tried!

Written By admin • 1 min read

The second day was an equally tough day. We begin every morning with a boot camp. This is where we all get our biggest calorie burn. I think it must be a good time for exercise and we’ve all had a good night’s sleep, which is very important! The first night I only slept 4 hours and I struggled through all the workouts. Today I burned 800 extra calories and I think it’s because I got enough sleep.

So we did a spinning class. This was my first. I have always been afraid of spinning because I have this idea that my legs are too short to spin the dumb pedals around so many times that I’ll hate it. Guess what? I did not hate it! But you definitely need big padded butt shorts and even then it may not save you from butt soreness. It was actually a little bit fun. Our instructor Jackie told us a motivational story from her life that made the time go by really quickly.
This afternoon we did Dance Blast. I couldn’t have felt more spastic or awkward in my life. I am just not a dancer! I don’t have any moves nor am I very graceful, but I lived through it and just thank my lucky stars there were no video cameras around. On the plus side I burned a lot more calories than I would have expected. There is definitely some talent among us busting out the moves – Jackie & Cherie can strut their stuff with the best! Our instructor Megan was really fun and very positive. Both of these classes were just for our group so that we didn’t have to worry about the expert attendees making us feel any worse about our performance. Good Plan, Wayne!
Tonight we met Bonnie – our wellness warrior. She is very soft spoken and articulate in everything she says to us and seems genuinely interested in our personal journeys. Tomorrow we get to work out with her. She’s older than everyone of us, but I have a feeling will kick all our trash!
I promise photos for tomorrow’s blog.
Good Night & Looking forward to 2 more new things tomorrow: Aqua aerobics & Zumba (Could be very scary!)

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