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New Year, New PFC, New YOU!

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 3 min read

Are you ready for 2014?  PFC sure is!!!

Premier Fitness Camp is excited to announce all of the program changes we have made for 2014 to ensure your time with us is even MORE fun, productive and life-changing!  Our goal is to create an opportunity for you to break through mental and physical barriers, increase your fitness and overall wellness levels, explore new experiences, and to give you the tools to succeed when you go home. PFC is your springboard for your life and our program will continually evolve in order to give you the utmost strength and confidence to jump far and accurately to your goal.

Here are the highlights of PFC’s new program:


We have redesigned the program so that the morning up until lunchtime is packed with all of our “workouts” or “basic training” classes. Examples of these classes are weight training, core strengthening, circuits, spin, calisthenics, aqua aerobics, and boxing.  We offer a wide variety of fitness training classes to get your body, strength and endurance progressing quickly and to introduce multiple forms of exercise to your life.


Our “Success At Home” lecture series are taught during lunch, now called “Lunch ‘N’ Learn”.  The educational component to PFC’s program is the key to your continued success when you go back home.


In the afternoons, it is time to get out and experience the great outdoors and various San Diego lifestyle activities!  To start, some of our activities are hiking, sea kayaking, bike riding tours around Coronado Island and indoor rock climbing.  This is the play part of the day!  Clients can take the activity to the level of difficulty they want.  Some may need down time and therefore take a leisurely bike ride.  Others may choose to push themselves as hard as they can.  Whatever level of intensity that works for you, our afternoons are about seeing San Diego and sharing new, fun activities for our clients to experience. Our activities will change throughout the year because there is definitely a lot to do out here!



This is a fantastic experience for our campers!  Once a week, we go out to dinner together at a local restaurant.  Partly we do this just for the fun of it but, in fact, dining out with the PFC staff gives our clients the experience of learning how to choose and order their meal (mostly, what to avoid!).  This is a real-life experience that tends to be a challenge for many.  Going out to dinner while at camp also gives people an opportunity to practice good portion control habits, which is another challenge most of us face!



Your relationship with PFC does not end when you leave camp.  We are here for our clients for their lifetime!  We have a resource line for clients to call or email their questions anytime they want, for as long as they want. Our Director of Nutrition and Director of Fitness will personally respond to all inquiries.


In addition, PFC has a formal 12-week weight loss coaching follow-up program to keep our alumni motivated and accountable.  Alumni will continue to receive our award winning book, The Metabolic Machine but now it will be coupled with weekly fitness and nutrition tips via email from our Directors of Fitness and Nutrition starting from the first week post-camp.  In response, clients are asked to email their weekly progress to PFC to report measurements such as their weight, waist circumference, timed mile, plank test, and 1-minute push up test. At the end of the 12 weeks our alumni will receive a report card that not only shows their success at camp but will include their 12 weeks at home as well! We feel that having our clients report in on a weekly basis for 12 weeks will set them up for success on their own for the long haul.  By the end of 3 months, they will have created good lifestyle habits back in “the real world” and this external accountability system we provide will no longer be needed because our clients will have their own internal accountability system working strong within themselves.



We are happy to announce that we have a new Director of Fitness — Wendy Sallin!  Wendy has been training at PFC for two years and is 100% dedicated to helping our clients reach their individual goals.  Your camp experience is of utmost importance to Wendy and so she continually works on improving our program and introducing new experiences for everyone.  Wendy is honored to be in her new role and is inspired daily by our clients!

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