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Navy SEALs Training Wages War On Your Fat

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Do not let anyone kid you when it comes to counteracting today’s diets and lifestyles. It is a battle that never ends and just continues to get tougher with age. As corny as it may sound you need a battle plan to be as effective as possible. Couple simple steps can help you succeed and conquer your daily struggles.

One, do you actually have goals set in place, written and in visible sight.

Two, have you asked yourself why I am doing it. If you are doing it for a spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend, family or friend then your motivation will be short lived. This has to be about you. You need to have your own personal convictions behind you to help get yourself up and moving on those days you want to shut down.

Three, analyze your schedule and make room for this life changing process. There will be a thousand reasons to rationalize why you do not have time today so you have to nip this in the butt from the get go. This will give you an idea of how much time you have to dedicate to it each week.

Now that your schedule is figured out, how can we be the most effective at utilizing this scheduled allotment of time?

Attack Your Lifestyle Change the Navy SEALS Way

Let’s look at attacking your lifestyle change in multiple areas. Best methods for caloric burn, best methods for increasing our quality of life, and best methods for achieving these goals in a healthy manner. Let’s address the caloric burn first. One of the most common mistakes is to think that cardio is the end all of calorie burning. Actually, it is only a small portion of the equation. You can ask anyone who has spent hours at the gym what happens if you perform the same exercise day in and day out. Even the most conditioned athletes are going to plateau if they perform the same exercises over and over again.

Resistance Training Is the Key to Your Success

Resistance training is the key to your success. By beginning with resistance training first you give yourself the opportunity to create lean muscle mass that in return burns more calories. It actually helps make your calorie burn even more potent when you perform cardio after resistance training. Anyone can diet and based upon restricted caloric intake they are going to lose weight but it is not permanent. Lean muscle may not translate into instant weight loss gratification but in the long run your weight loss will actually pick up speed and be more long term.

Resistance training does not always have to be metal weights. In the SEAL Teams, team guys have relied upon their own body weight for decades to get into phenomenal shape. The excuse that you do not have access to a gym is exactly what it is, an excuse. You can work every part of your body to a level you cannot imagine with calisthenics.

Take for example your basic push up. Each week you can modify the way you perform them and your body will be in a constant state of shock which is essential for growth. One week you can perform push-ups in sets, second week perform them in timed intervals, third week you can perform negatives, fourth week, perform burn outs. Now you have taken one basic exercise and turned it into four separate workouts.

Why is it that SEALs in training perform variations of pull ups, push-ups, dips and ab exercise and get into the best shape of any military fighting force? It is consistency, body shock and technique. Your exercise approach is as simple as that.

Create Realistic Goals

So let’s sit down and create some realistic goals that you need to be able to achieve. If your goals are too lofty then you will end up feeling defeated from the get go. Break your goals into 6 month, 1 month and 1 week. Your primary focus will be on your weekly goal which will carry you across the finish line to your 6 month goal. Create a 3 X 5 card that goes on your mirror, refrigerator, or any location of high visibility for remind you. Break your goals into two categories: one, physical; and two, time dedicated to the task.

Now remember that your mind will think you are 25 but unless you approach this cautiously then your body will remind you very quick that you are not. Technique is huge for me but I would rather you perform half the repetitions or half the distant in the rep then hurt yourself and be out for weeks.

So let’s let each week’s programs progress slowly. Don’t worry the results will come but remember it is about quality of life not ego.

Start Now!

Start out with 3 times a week performing exercises if your schedule is short and perform your cardio on the off days. If you are fortunate to have more time then perform your cardio routines right after exercising. Now I have to leave you wanting more right?

So my next blog will address methods to go after this in the most effective manner.

I leave you with one last idea. Remember the words “I can’t” do not exist in your vocabulary any more. Any negative thoughts will change your performs dramatically. Hooyah!

Mark DeLisle bio:

Mark entered the US Navy in 1990 and shortly after became one of our nation’s elite US Navy SEALs. Mark was assigned to SEAL Team 3 in Coronado, CA. During Mark’s tenure as a Navy SEAL he began to gain a wealth of knowledge about the physical fitness, mental strength and emotional perseverance. Mark is also a bestselling author of, “Navy SEAL Workout followed by Navy SEAL Breakthrough To Master Level Fitness, Special Ops Fitness – High Intensity Workouts of the Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Force Recon, Army Rangers and Pararescue, Navy SEAL Workout, System 1 (DVD). Mark’s workouts have been featured on CNN, Extra, Crook & Chase, Muscle & Fitness, Outside Magazine, numerous other magazines and newspapers. Mark also served as the Director of Corporate Relations with ACE American Council of Exercise.

Mark’s fitness systems have been used by Presidents of the United States, professional athletes, and Hollywood actors to professionals in the fitness industry. The past eight years he has specialized in sports training and personal training. Mark has a passion for fitness and it shows in how he interacts with our clients.

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