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Meet Tommi and Lisa

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Tommi & Cherie sporting their super stylin bathrobes.
Tommi is from North Carolina. She is truly hilarious and very smart. She breaks out in song on a regular basis. If it’s not blue grass, it’s from some musical and then jumps in with some classical stuff & she even knows her 80’s. She was also a Lacrosse player in high school and knows how to work hard. She and Jackie are twins separated at birth by different moms on different days in different states. They are so similar in size and fitness levels. These 2 are full of energy and excitement about life and so fun to be trying to keep up with and hang out with. Tommi is only here for one more week, so won’t finish the 4 weeks with the rest of us and I’m already missing her.

Lisa & Cherie flexing their ever increasing muscle!

Lisa is a kindred soul to Cherie & I. She is a mom of 4, here to get healthy for her kids. Lisa has had a rough go of it, starting off with nausea on the first day and then suffering a suspicious leg pain and a smack down cramp in her calf muscle. Regardless, she never ever quits, she gets in the pool or slows down limping doing whatever it takes to get the workout done. She totally inspires me busting through her pain. I can tell she’s really frustrated, but her frustration seems to be working for her. She also has a great sense of humor and is laughing right along with us. I want to keep in touch with all of these great women after we leave because they are all so cool.


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