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Lucky Number 7!

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The PFC Welcome Basket!
Hi readers, since I am lucky enough to have PFC so close to home, I get to come back every so often and continue blogging. Today I came over and went on a morning hike with the whole new group up Bell Canyon trail. They’ve got a larger group than we had for the month and most of them are staying at least a month. I was really impressed with how strong and motivated everyone is. About half of the group has been there a week already. This morning was also weigh in. Phil had a huge loss with 8% body fat gone! I could tell right away this guy is an athlete. He reminded me a little of the winner from Biggest Loser last season, Danny. I have read about the theory of “body memory”. Phil definitely has body memory. It’s surprising to see each member who was an ex-athlete retain and regain their strength very quickly.
Rachel has been here a week as well. She lost 7.5 pounds. I don’t know what it is about lucky number 7 but it has popped up with every weigh in for the last 5 weeks. Someone has dropped either 7 pounds, 7 inches or 7% body fat with each and every weigh in. I wonder how long that will go on?? Rachel also came here having already dropped 30 pounds on her own. She is incredibly motivated and has an infectious attitude & smile. I think she’s going to do great!
I’ll check in with the rest of the group with more photos coming soon.

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