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Just When I think I’ve Maxed Out on Soreness….

Written By admin • 1 min read

Our established dinner table places..Jackie leads the PFC family in everything.
We were eating blueberry protein pancakes – oh my goodness do you need that recipe! I’ll work on it.

I foolishly thought after the first 2 weeks or maybe 3 weeks, I had reached the peak of my soreness levels. I should have known better. Chris decided to throw the stadium stair workout at us again Sunday morning. This time we ran 100 sets of stairs…yes, I said ONE HUNDRED sets of stairs. We went and we conquered. I felt about the same after 100 as I did after 40 the first time around. I have definitely built endurance. After lunch, we hiked through brush straight up a hill to get onto my favorite trail, the Bonneville Shoreline. Jackie and I ran 90% of it…there are some rocky areas and wicked steep parts. We were done faster than everyone else so we walked home too. I’m guessing it was 4 miles. This is considered the easy day, by the way. Monday morning I could feel my butt and hamstrings had taken a serious beating. Today we lunged up some hills and then lunged across the field a few times and then squatted and then lunged and lunged some more. I better be building some serious ripped legs!! Ouchy wahwah!

Adam, the new guy, is making Wayne & Chris very proud indeed. He has vomited every day at least once. I keep trying to tell them that the women here have all come very close but know we will not get another snack if it comes up! And guess what…Adam does not have to do Zumba! He gets to play basketball instead. He is SO missing out!


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