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Jennifer's Journey: Week 4

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“For those of you who don’t really know me, I like to talk… a lot. It has been an issue my entire life, just ask my mom. I am loud and vocal and have an opinion about almost everything. So knowing this it may come as quite a surprise to hear that I couldn’t find the words to express how this weekend was for me.

The end of my third week at Premier Fitness Camp brought a very emotional time for me. I was leaving, my dear friends were leaving (miss you already Koby, Luis, Brian, Beth, Ashley, Michelle, Lisa, Melinda, and whomever else I just forgot!), I had to figure out how to do this at home on my own, I wouldn’t be with my trainers or have my PFC food. I would get to spend time with my girls, see my husband and swim in my own pool so I wasn’t completely devastated(actually really excited). Just scared and a little sad.

Of course, the Premier Fitness team pulled through again. On Friday, of the week before you leave, you meet one-on-one with a trainer. I was able to meet with Kimba. She is amazing! She went over my entire week schedule: When are you working out? Where are you working out? What are you doing to workout while you are there? Then we went back and broke it down further. She gave me specific workouts for strength training and interval training. I scheduled my time in my calendar for each day of the week. She gave me specific assignments to follow up on in regards to my training when I get home for good. She showed me some of the exercises that I was unclear on. Then we started talking FOOD!

Let me just take a minute here to talk about why Kimba is amazing as a trainer and as a person. She is so completely sincere both professionally and personally. When I have done strength training with Kimba, I feel that she works me out really hard (my muscles are screaming the next day for sure!) and takes the time to explain what I am doing and why it will benefit me. She asks how I am feeling. She shares her personal experiences with me. She is quick to share a smile and encouragement. She gave me a way to get on a treadmill without feeling like I was going to fly off the back! Needless to say, I was really excited when it was Kimba I got to meet with.

When we went over nutrition, Kimba gave me some great snack ideas that she does at her house to help her get her sweet fix. She shared some healthy treats that her kids love and gave me her email and phone number so I can contact her with any questions I may have. My favorite recipe that she gave me, and I can’t wait to try it, is a way to get that chocolate peanut butter fix that was one of my favorite cheats when I was home before. You take 2 Tbs. Cocoa Powder, 1-2 Tbs. of Banana Crème Whey protein powder, Stevia to taste, and mix with enough water to make it dipping sauce consistency. Then take a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and dip! It doesn’t have to be a lot in volume to get the satisfaction of eating something sweet. You could also use this and instead of dipping peanut butter in it, coat some almonds and freeze them. Homemade chocolate covered almonds with less calories and there is some actual nutrition involved!

Saturday was a very strange day for me. I had to weigh in because I would be leaving to come home on Sunday for the week. I had only lost 1 ½ pounds since Monday. I was really frustrated, but since I had to modify a lot because of my shoulder earlier in the week, I am just going to work a lot harder while I am home. It was encouraging to see that my body fat percentage has come down nearly 6% and I have lost inches in my waist, thigh, hip and chest. I do have clothes that I wore here that are now baggy and that is a good feeling. Not to mention my energy level has probably quadrupled (can you quadruple zero though?). I have lost 13 pounds in just under three weeks and I know I could never have done that at home, on my own. So I am going to take small victories and move forward with a final goal in mind.

We also had a group activity to Snowbird this week. We took the tram up the mountain and the views were spectacular! We took our pictures and played in the snow. I grew up here and I never remember people still skiing in June. They are slated to remain open through the 4th of July for ski season! CRAZY!

We spend Saturday night and Sunday morning saying our goodbyes to those who are leaving. It really is my LEAST favorite part of the week. Many tears were shed this week and new resolve to organize some sort of Premier Fitness Camp reunion was born. Then I headed out for home to see my babies!
One of the best parts about taking time to go home for a week is that I get to do this again at the end of next week before I go home for good. I can try it out and come back and report how it went and we can work all the kinks out.

Not to mention that I will have follow up with my trainers here for 12 weeks after I go home. It is all part of the program and another reason why I chose to come to Premier Fitness Camp. Although at the time, I had no idea that it would be so vital and become my saving grace for feeling like I can make it at home.” ~Jennifer

I am 37 years old and a mom of 4 beautiful daughters. I am a stay-at-home mom who is never HOME! I do some work from home helping my husband run his business. My weight was not a problem until I got pregnant and began having children. I have never completely lost that weight. I have tried different diets and felt like a yo-yo for the past 8 years! (see me on far right of picture)

A combination of things happened in my life to make me decide to make some major lifestyle changes and putting myself first, making healthy choices for me and my family. Please join me on my journey on several blogs: on the Premier Fitness Blog, on the TimeOutMom Blog, on the Mom It Forward Blog, and on the Today’s Mama Blog, as I do five weeks at the live-in camp and get twelve weeks of coaching and support after I return home. This is going to be life-changing! It is already life-changing!

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