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Jennifer's Journey – Hitting the Wall

Written By admin • 2 min read

This summer I quickly realized, that I spent my first two weeks at Premier Fitness Camp gearing up for the next three weeks! I knew I couldn’t neglect my family or home responsibilities for a month straight , so I did three weeks at camp, then went home for a week. I returned for my final week ready to take on the world! My third week didn’t start out as promising as I had hoped though…

The Wall…. I had been hearing about hitting the wall since the first day I arrived at Premier Fitness Camp. At some point, usually week three, everyone supposedly hits the wall. All the carbohydrates are burned out of your muscles. Those muscles are tired and often a little strained. You might find yourself fighting an injury (for me it was shin splints and a strained rotator cuff). You have also been away from home for awhile and invariably feel homesick. Many of the friends you became close to have already gone home. The enthusiasm you arrived at camp with is beginning to wane, but then you still have to go to your second weigh in to start the week off!

I kept thinking that this would NOT happen to me because I was more prepared, more centered and now I knew what was coming. As usual, I was completely mistaken!

I had my weigh in on Monday morning. I had a goal of 5 more pounds to lose. The dreaded anticipation didn’t get any better, despite it being the second weigh in. I also had to get my measurements done. I lost an additional 4 pounds. While at home on my own, 4 pounds was great, but being here and coming up a little short of my goal, 4 pounds felt sort of flat. I called my husband. He made me feel a lot better, even if it made me miss him more! I knew I had to get back on the horse though and give 100% this week, so I could hit that 5 pounds next week!

I started off our Monday morning hike in good spirits, but quickly felt like it was my first day again! My heart rate spiked to 177 and I couldn’t catch my breath. I had to slow down. There is a metal sled at boot camp that you can add weights to called “The Butcher”. We have to push it across the field like football players. My muscles felt so weak! I couldn’t get it there and back in the time that we had. It was frustrating and my roommate (and boot camp partner ) reminded me that it was my third week!

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