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Inside Kandice's Bag: How This PFC Trainer Stays Healthy on the Go

Written By Joni Hargrave • 1 min read

Deodorant, wet-ones, sports bra, makeup… you name it, PFC Fitness Trainer, Kandice Chavez has the Mary Poppins of gym bags!

Whether I’m on my way to work, to the gym, out with friends or traveling i’m constantly on the go, so I prepare for any situation, which works out great. If I am traveling, I have my healthy protein and superfood greens in case healthy food is not an option. If I stay late at work, I have my workout clothes in my bag and ready to go so I have no excuses. Traveling? I have my TRX and sliders which I can get a full body workout in pretty much wherever I am.

Here’s a closer look at what’s in Kandice’s bag:

1. Makeup Bag – From workout to refreshed and ready for dinner with friends! A little blush and mascara go a long way!
Betsy Johnson

2. BlenderBottle – Can never have too much

3. iPad- Easy to take anywhere to get my work done pretty much anywhere

4. BCAAs- Branch Chain Amino Acids for I take with water for during and post workout fuel
Superfood Greens + Protein Powder – I mix with water in case I’m on the go between workouts with my clients. Greens + protein is a great,  option after a workout for some quick, healthy fuel for body.
Whole Foods

5. Divine Nature Supplements – Nutrient supplements and enzymes for healthy digestion
PFC Fitness Camp

6. Lacrosse ball- for spot areas feeling sore. Handheld massage.

7. Stunna shades

8. Bluetooth earbuds jbird freedom sprint Bluetooth earbuds

9. Face Wipes – We go on a lot of hikes with our clients. Giving my face and body a 1-2 with these wipes is an a quick way to freshen up for the next activity.

10. Dove Deodorant – A must have. Obviously!

11. Sliders – Cheap and easy tool to take when I travel to get in great workouts

12TRX  – Another no-excuse tool for working out when traveling. Make sure you get the one with the door hook. Great for hotel rooms!

13. Workout clothes ready for a workout whenever
Under Armour & Lululemon


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