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ICE, Soreness & The Girls

Written By admin • 1 min read

Cherie, Jackie, Lisa and sore calves & shins
We have officially reached our half way point and I hope we’ve reached the peak of our soreness. We use a lot of ice and have emptied the icemaker pretty much everyday. Massage again tomorrow!!!
I think I’ll introduce you to a couple of the girls by giving you my perspective of them. Cherie, who is my close friend and I am very blessed to be experiencing this adventure with, is the house comedian! She keeps everyone laughing, which is very very cathartic. Actually, come to think of it, we have a few comedians and they just play off each other. We honestly laugh a good portion of the day. Cherie is an ex-gymnast that just keeps surprising herself and all of us. She keeps pushing on no matter how tough the workout is. She started off not being able to finish the spinning class and yesterday she busted through it! Her flexibility is enviable too. She is willing to follow everything they tell us to do to the letter and is putting everything she has and is into this program!
Jackie is the butt-kicking cheerleader. Everyday she sets the pace and she just keeps getting faster and tougher. I bust my butt to try and keep her in my sights. She’s the first one in the van, first one to the top of the mountain and the first one to dinner. She really pushes all of us to be better and do better, staying positive all day long.
I’ll tell you a little about the others another night. I’m dying to go to sleep.

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