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I Survived the First Day!

Written By admin • 1 min read

Good Morning. It’s bright and early and I’m not a morning person. Yesterday began at 5:00 am – nobody in their right mind should willing get up that early. One of my fellow members took quick power naps all day long and I need to figure out how to do that.

First off….I love the food! We have Mike & Dave, definitely my favorite guys in the house, (no offense to Wayne or Chris) cooking us delicious healthy food. We don’t have to do anything but eat it. More spoiled than I could have expected. They make it taste really yummy & we are drawing their secrets out of them the best we can. And they clean it all up!!
My assessment was somewhat depressing though: Freaking 32% body fat!
The coolest thing though by far is the BodyBugg we’ve all been given. It’s this really cool techno gadget that we wear on our arms and it keeps track of all of our calorie burning for the day.
Mine was the lowest in the house at 2900 calories burned for the day and the highest was 4400! Go Amber!! We can see exactly how hard we are working out. It tracks calorie burn per minute. At the end of the day we input our food and figure out the deficit. 3500 calories burned equals a pound! Geez! That’s a lot of sweat.
So far I love all the women here. All of our stories are so much of the same but with enough differences that we’ll all learn something from each other.
I’ll check in tomorrow with a run down of just how butt kicking the workouts really are….and they really are.

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