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I Can’t Believe It’s been 4 weeks!

Written By admin • 1 min read

The graduates & Chris above the airplanes (really!)

We were Queens of the World after our “graduation challenge” hike! Look at that view! Spectacular!… but- the- most- killer hike! My quads have never ever been this sore and probably never will be again (hopefully). But we all made it! Not one of us could have made this hike 4 weeks ago. Sorry, but WE ROCK!

My final stats:

  • 8 lbs lost
  • 2 inches each off chest, waist & hips
  • 1.25 inches off thighs
  • 1 inch off arms

The BEST of all Body Fat lost 7%. I went from 32% to 25%!! This made me very happy!

Cherie lost 18 inches total, Lisa lost 7 inches just off her waist, Jackie 4 inches off her thigh and the biggest LOSER was Adam with a whopping 17.5 pounds lost in one week. Awesome for him! But I will have little tiny pity party that women have a much harder time than guys do losing weight. He’s only begun, he’s got 3 more weeks.

We finished the day with another perfect Saturday. We hiked a trail that goes up to Lake Blanch in Big Cottonwood canyon. Jackie was already gone so I had no one to chase up the mountain. I plugged in my ipod and took off, realizing I didn’t need someone to chase. I felt amazing, strong and unstoppable. Then we ate our final delicious lunch and headed over to our much deserved massage. LOVE LOVE LOVE the massage!
Now we are home to the real world. I’m going to have serious Chef Dave withdrawal. We have 12 more weeks of menu’s & workouts to implement on our own and a coach to keep tabs on us. Marching onward until we reach the easier(?), elusive maintenance plan. It’s kind of overwhelming to take in.

Premier Fitness Camp was worth every bead of sweat, tear, bruise, sore muscle, pack of ice and painful moment. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


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