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How To Simplify Your Fitness Mindset

Written By admin • 4 min read

Incorporating a workout regimen into your life is as difficult or as easy as you make it.

Part of my goal as a trainer is to help folks engage in a fitness program and stay self-motivated for the long haul.  One thing that rings true in general (with a number of exceptions, of course!), is that most people tend to be their own obstacle in pursuing and maintaining a good training schedule.

Yes, there are a thousand reasons why “there isn’t enough time” or why “I am just to tired to workout” or why “I haven’t found my motivation.”  Believe me!  I understand and experience the stresses of life, work, family, responsibilities, and lack of time for myself, just like everyone.  I understand how it is to feel like all your energy is spent and totally tapped out for the day, once your window of opportunity to exercise presents itself.  I understand working long hours and then changing “hats” and doing my Mom stuff before and after work…and on the weekends.  And, also a high priority, making quality time for my boyfriend and our relationship.

Believe me, I understand!

Along with the other trainers at PFC Fitness, I help our guests immerse themselves in fitness, break through their walls of self-imposed limitations, learn how much they (and their bodies) CAN do physically and mentally, and create an exercise plan that they implement when they get back into their daily routines.  I don’t think I can even explain in one article just how much our guests actually DO TURN THEIR LIVES AROUND when they are at PFC Fitness and, more importantly, when they get home.

I get tons of emails and texts from PFC alumni on a regular basis reporting awesome things like:

 “I lost 5 more pounds last week!”

“I am sticking to the nutrition program and love it!”

“I work out 6 days a week without a problem!”

“I feel and look 10 years younger!”

“My car broke down so I rode my bike to work.  Maybe I just won’t get my car fixed!”

“I am happy!”

“I have crazy energy!”

“My family and friends are so impressed and are now exercising too!”

These messages are from people who, before coming to PFC Fitness, had every reason in the book why they couldn’t do what they are now doing for themselves…tons of very good reasons too.  But, through their PFC experience, some amazing things happened:

1. They found new reasons TO DO WHAT THEY NEED TO DO FOR THEMSELVES on a consistent basis.

2. They MAKE the time to exercise instead of trying to FIND it.

3. They know they can ALWAYS dig a little deeper inside themselves to tap that energy needed for a workout.

4. Their feeling of NEEDING to exercise has changed to WANTING to exercise.

5. They are NOT waiting around to FEEL motivated.  They just go ahead and go on a bike ride, take a cardio class, hit the weights, etc.  And feeling GREAT after is their reward and their incentive for the next day!

 Basically, making and taking time to exercise is as easy as just DECIDING to do it. Each day.  Six days a week.  Take one day to relax and reap the benefits of all your good work.  It can be as easy as flipping a switch from OFF to ON!

I know this may feel like I am trying to simplify your life when it may not be all that simple.   And, you know what? …

You are right!  I AM trying to simplify at least this part of your life!

As a member of the animal kingdom, humans are BORN TO MOVE.  It is in our genes!  If not, you and I would have been born a rock.  Every cell and organ in our body requires us to use movement and EXERCISE to keep functioning well and efficiently.   There is no getting around this SIMPLE FACT!  You move, you thrive.  You stagnate, you shut down.

Perhaps if you look at it that way, incorporating a fitness regimen in your life will be as simple as MAKING THE DECISION to do it!  Then, I guarantee…all the great stuff that comes along with regular exercise (weight loss, health improvements, increased energy, increased self-esteem) will unfold right in front of you!

If your switch is OFF, just go ahead and switch it ON.  Yep!   Flip that switch!  When you do, message me with your awesome stories of success!



Wendy Sallin, Certified Personal Trainer, Premier Fitness Camp

Wendy is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist and RRCA Certified Running Coach.  She has worked in the fitness industry since 2003.  She has advanced education in various specialties such as functional training, corrective exercise, flexibility and cardiovascular performance testing.  She works with clients of all fitness and wellness levels, from individuals recovering from strokes and heart attacks to competitive athletes seeking higher levels of sports performance.  Wendy has found her home as a Fitness Trainer with Premier Fitness Camp and is inspired daily by the determination and tenacity of Premier’s clients!


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