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Hello to Amber & a Little Boot Camp at The Park

Written By admin • 1 min read

Cherie, Jackie (in a weight vest) & Amber on one of our super hikes
Amber is from the Salt Lake area. She is always surprising me coming up behind me like the little engine that could. Every single time we are hiking and I am chasing Jackie & Tommi, we will stop for a drink break and I look back & here she comes! Amber has had some challenges in the past few years and is really trying hard to make some changes in her life. She’s one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met. Even though we’ve got 4 mom’s here, she’s the one who’s jumping up to clear every one’s plates and always offering to get us whatever we need. I think us mom’s are just so happy to not have to take care of our family’s needs that we’ve become all too excited about just taking care of ourselves. I pray this camp really makes a connection with Amber & she just continues on the right path.
We have a new member, Jennifer, this week. I’ll introduce you to her when I get to know her a little better.
Tommi (left hand top) Me (running down after uphill sprints) & Jennifer (doing twists)
I found my strength again today, thank heavens! And Mother Nature was kind to us so that we could do boot camp outside. I hope it stays that way! Only 9 1/2 more days!


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