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Functional Training: The New Trend In Exercise

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If you haven’t been involved with the latest trend of exercise then you don’t know what you have been missing. Functional training has taken the fitness industry by storm. Traditionally strength and resistance training have followed a cookie cutter approach derived from body building routines. These routines focus on muscle isolation and require simple exercises focusing on one muscle group at a time. Weight machines make lifting movements simpler by eliminating the use of stabilizing muscles.

Over the past few years these modes of exercise have been overshadowed by complex multi-joint movements involving barbells, medicine balls, stability balls, and kettle bells. The more complex movements are used in boot camps, circuits, and high intensity fitness classes because the use of multiple muscles elevates your heart rate faster.

Functional Training Brings Quicker Results

It has been proven that functional training not only will improve your balance and stability but also you will get stronger, fitter, and expect results quicker versus traditional strength and resistance training.

Because of this, functional training is also the primary method of training by athletes. Former athletes who became trainers started to introduce their routines to the general population. It wasn’t before long that functional training gained popularity because people were experiencing a higher level of intensity and seeing quicker results.

What is Functional Fitness?

So what is functional fitness and why the sudden change? Functional training includes complex movements that are similar to every day movement. Sitting and standing, picking objects off the ground, and lifting objects overhead are movements we do every day.

Similarly in functional training common movements are variations of squats, dead lifts, and shoulder presses. Functional training will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you like you’ve never been challenged. If you thought doing three sets of twelve repetitions biceps curls was tough, try doing one minute of jumping pull ups followed by another minute of flipping a tire over. Functional training is like sprinting while traditional lifting would be similar to jogging. The prior elevates your heart rate faster, and burns more calories overall than the latter.

If you are thinking that squats, dead lifts, and shoulder presses are bad for you, let me re-educate you. Remember what functional training is: complex movements that are similar to every day movement. Sitting and standing, picking objects off the ground, and lifting objects overhead. With any exercise dynamic improper technique and execution may result in injury. This is one reason functional fitness took years to gain popularity.

Functional Training Helps Improve the Quality of Life

Functional movements are complex and easy to execute improperly. Most interesting is how many injuries are related to simple tasks like moving a couch or losing one’s balance. Through functional training you will learn how to maintain the posture to safely move a heavy object and improve your balance as you age. The reality is that functional training is rather safe and therapeutic when performed correctly.

It’s no wonder that functional training has become so popular. Learn how to move efficiently and safely. Speed up your fitness results. Improve your quality of life. Decrease injuries and get in better shape. Once you have become part of the trend you will become stronger, healthier, more energetic, confident, and you will enjoy exercising. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and get with the trend of functional training. A better way to exercise awaits you.

Josh Cook’s Bio:

Fitness has always been Josh’s passion. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah. He holds a personal trainers certificate from the International Sport Science Association and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. He has worked in every facet of fitness training. Over the years he has worked with individuals from all walks of life including top athletes, children and the elderly. Josh believes in realistic results through hard work and constant progression. He enjoys the opportunity he has to help people change their life. Every guest is uniquely different, and Josh has the ability to adapt to the needs of each fitness guest.

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