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Get Comfortably Uncomfortable with Functional Fitness

What is functional fitness? Forget about doing biceps curls, dumb bell lateral raises, machines and any other muscle isolation exercise. Leave behind the boredom of three sets of ten repetitions while resting between sets and discover functional fitness exercise. It’s time to exercise how your body was designed and get comfortably uncomfortable. How many times a day do you find yourself sitting and standing, lifting objects off the ground and overhead. Functional fitness exercise involves just that.

Functional fitness exercises mimic our everyday movement and it is proven that they are also more efficient at burning calories than your traditional exercise routines and better for overall balance, stability, and cardiovascular health. All of the functional fitness buzz may have you wondering how and what you can do to get involved. Let me help you with your first week of functional fitness exercise. The following routine will give you a guideline and idea of what you need and what to expect out of your training.


You will need plenty of space. It’s preferred that you do your functional fitness exercises on the basketball court, aerobics room, racquetball court, or anywhere you have room. The more space you have the better.


Simple pieces of equipment you can find at your gym.
• medicine ball
• various dumbbell weights 10lbs and up
• jump rope
• kettle bells
• aerobic step
• pull up station
• fitness sand bags


Monday Boot Camp
3 rounds of 10 stations, 40 sec each station (the clock continually runs)
1. backwards medicine ball toss
2. burpees
3. box step ups
4. dumbbell push press
5. jump rope
6. plank
7. kettle bell swings
8. air squats
9. push ups
10. mountain climbers

Tuesday Super Sets
4 sets of 12 repetitions each pair. Complete all 4 sets of each pair before moving on to the next pair. No rest.
1. DB bench press
1 arm DB row
2. push ups
pull ups
3. shoulder press
4. push press
dead lift

Wednesday Rest

Thursday Stability Day
Complete 1 set of each and repeat 2 more times
• plank 30-60 sec
• plank feet on medicine ball 30-60 sec
• side plank 30-60 sec
• walking lunges with russian twist holding medicine ball 30 steps
• medicine ball side slams 20 each side
• 1 legged figure skater deadlifts with medicine ball 12 each leg

Friday Kettle Bells
2 rounds using the same kb weight for each movement
• 50 kb swings
• 40 sit ups
• 30 push ups
• 20 goblet squats
• 10 kb push press each arm

Saturday Run and Fun
3 rounds
• Run 400 meters
• 20 dumbbell thrusters
• Run 400 meters
• 15 dumbbell walking lunges
• Run 400 meters
• 10 dumbbell man makers

Sunday Rest


Functional fitness exercise will give you enough variety and different stimuli that you will never get bored. There are hundreds of variations in what you can do. Get yourself started with the previous one week workout and find what you have been missing.

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Josh Cook Bio:

Fitness has always been Josh’s passion. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah. He holds a personal trainers certificate from the International Sport Science Association and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. He has worked in every facet of fitness training. Over the years he has worked with individuals from all walks of life including top athletes, children and the elderly. Josh believes in realistic results through hard work and constant progression. He enjoys the opportunity he has to help people change their life. Every guest is uniquely different, and Josh has the ability to adapt to the needs of each fitness guest.

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