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Don’t Be Afraid of the Gym

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Well it is January 1, 2012 New Years Day, and I am sitting here wondering how many of you are making new year’s goals to lose weight but are terrified of the Gym!!! I know your fear! About 25 years ago l found myself pushing 150lbs ( I’m only 5 feet tall) and knew I had to start getting in shape. I had never really exercised and I was TERRIFIED!!! I had all the fears and excuses for not going to the gym that you are having right now:

1. I can’t go until I get in shape!
2. I’m way too fat!
3. They will laugh me out of there!
4. Those machines are confusing and I have never used them!
5. Everyone can see me, it’s way too open!
6. I’m afraid of the hard core exercisers! What if I do something wrong?!
7. I can’t deal with the beautiful people! They make me depressed!

As real as these are they are totally lame excuses.


If you seriously feel that you need to start getting in shape before you join a gym then get after it! I used to jump in the car with my husband when he went to work and I would have him throw me out 5 miles from home. I had no option but to walk home. If you have no way to bail then you set yourself up for success. You can also donate your time at the local pet adoption center and be a dog walker. Dogs will never judge you and you will make some great friends!

Feel that you are too fat and that the gym members will judge you? You should look into a beginners circuit or aerobics class. The other people in those classes will be in the same boat as you and the instructors for those classes are very sensitive to the newbies. This will help you grow confidence, you will meet people who can become workout buddies, and yes you will start to have fun!

How to deal with those big scary machines: When you are ready to hit the gym floor hire a train for at least one hour, they will make a program for you and show you how to use the machines. With a little knowledge you can walk into that gym and own it! Any trainer worth their salt will treat you with respect and help to make you comfortable, if they make you feel foolish get rid of them and hire a new one. Remember when it comes to employing trainers you are the boss!

Now what about those hard core exercisers and the beautiful people? First off most of those people are only interested in looking at themselves not you! Many of them are very nice and you will find that they will encourage you and even give you advice if you want it. Nobody was born with ultimate fitness, we all had to start somewhere. Some of those hard core beautiful people had been in your shoes at one time and know how hard it is to subject yourself to the intimidation of starting at the gym.


If you still have cold feet maybe you need a special type of gym. There are several types of women’s only gyms where you don’t have to deal with the big muscle men. You can also go to the gym at off hours. It is crazy busy at 6:00 – 7:00 a.m. and in the evenings, but you will find from 10:00 until 3:00 it is pretty quite. Those are the hours you get moms with kids in school, retired people, and people like you who don’t want to be in the big crowd.

One of the best things you can do is get a workout buddy. Someone who really wants to get in shape , is accountable, not too above your level, and someone you enjoy being with. Usually your spouse is not the best choice, it can be too much togetherness.


The hardest step is the first one. Just get started !!! The gym is not the only place to exercise, walk out the front door and start moving. You will find once you start to move your body you will want to do it more often. Make this your year, do totally awesome things for yourself. The gift of health can only be given by one person, THAT PERSON IS YOU!!!


Pam Nelson Bio:

Pam Nelson, CPT (A.C.E), Fitness Trainer

Pam has been an A.C.E certified (American Council of Exercise) personal trainer for the general population since 1995. She is also a group instructor, and certified in teaching the “Mature Population”, people over 50. Her clients have varied far and wide. She has had people with Parkinson’s, amputees, athletes, and people struggling with sever weight issues. She has taught “Park City Boot Camp” for 5 years. She is a native of Utah, went to the University of Utah and has lived in Park City for 25 years. She enjoys an active lifestyle of hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, anything that Utah has to offer. She has found a perfect fit working for Premier Fitness Camp and calls it her “Dream Job”. She is a trainer, group instructor, and a member of the coaching team.

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