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Bodybugg-itis, @#$% Weight Vests & Nap Time

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After doing water aerobics and swimming laps the other day, we got to sit in the hot tub. A lady sitting in there with us asked “what’s wrong with your arms? why do you all have those lines?” Well, that would be due to a lot of hiking in the sun and dutifully wearing our bodybuggs. It’s an exclusive disease to PFC….BODYBUGG-ITIS

I thought I hated the 20 lb ball the most but that’s because I hadn’t worn the 20 lb weight vest on a hike yet. Wayne decided today was the day. I swore a little at him, and he just laughed at me like he always does. What choice did I have? I had to go a lot slower and it took me out of my zen hiking state. But it proved to me once again how glad I am to not be carrying around 20+pounds of fat anymore and how good it will feel to get rid of whatever fat is going to be left. I only have 1.5 more days – so the adventure will continue at home.

Today was the last day working out with our weight training trainers. This was a special upper body workout designed by Trevor. I wish I knew how they come up with this stuff. They must do some basic training in prisoner interrogation torture methods because I would have given up all my secrets. But really, I will miss Trevor & Mindy.

Cherie finding rest on any surface available to her. Our needs for comfort have diminished dramatically!
We’re still tired up to nearly the end of our 4 weeks. Tomorrow they have a “special graduation challenge” planned for us…Chris tells us with a joker like smile…..so I have reason to be scared.
Stay tuned

A quick power nap for Adam.

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