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10 Health Tips for the New Year

Written By Wendy Sallin • 4 min read

  1. Did you know that coca-cola can clean the corrosion from a car battery?  What do you think it is doing inside of your body.  Soda has been found to be the number 1 cause of child obesity.  And, the #1 active ingredient in Coca-cola is phosphoric acid which leaches calcium from bones.  It has been found to be the biggest contributor to the increase in osteoporosis.  Choose water over soda! Your body will thank you!
  2. Learn how to read food labels.  Just because a label says it is “light”, “low calorie”, “low carb”, or other marketing ploys, they aren’t always what they mean.  Look at the active ingredients listed on the back and make sure that sugar, maltose, fructose, sucrose, or corn syrup isn’t one of the first five ingredients. It may say it is low in sugar but if any of these ingredients are in the first five, they aren’t being completely honest.  Also, the manufacturers may have made the product lower in calories by changing the serving size to a lesser amount.  “Light” may mean the color of the product.  The marketers of products today will do anything to get the consumer to buy their product. So be aware and look at the label!
  3. Watch the sodium content in soups, deli meats, canned vegetables, and sauces like soy sauce or Teriyaki sauce.  Try to always choose the low-sodium or no salt added versions.
  4. Have no sugar added fudgesicles, Lil’ Soy Dreams ice cream sandwiches, or no sugar added fruit bars handy in your freezer for those times during the month that you really need a sugar hit. Those cravings tend to come on strong and fast and these low-fat, low-sugar options will help satisfy the craving without wrecking havoc on your waistline.
  5. When you are having a major craving for something sweet and you try to satisfy that craving with something low sugar but it feels like nothing will satisfy you and you find yourself close to binging out, make some egg whites and guzzle water.  It doesn’t sound great but guaranteed it will put those cravings at bay and get you back on track!
  6.  When you are stressed out and want to say “forget it” to the healthy eating plan, go for a walk, take a bath or call a friend.  Get your mind off the stress and off of food and do something nice for yourself rather than sabotaging your results.
  7. Clean out your cupboards of all junk food that is a temptation.  Out of sight, out of mind.  If its not in your kitchen, you won’t eat it.  If you have to drive to the store to buy whatever you are craving, you most likely won’t give into it.  If you do find yourself driving to the store for that craving, get something small to satisfy the craving and then move on. Get back on track the following meal and you will be fine.
  8. If and when you do give into a craving, don’t beat yourself up about it. Think of it as a reward or something that you are “allowed” on an occasional basis and in moderation.  Guilt is a vicious cycle that will ruin any kind of results you hope to achieve. The harder you are on yourself the more likely you will have another desert or binge just because you are mad at yourself. The more guilty and mad at yourself you become, the less you feel good about yourself, the less you want to go to the gym to workout. Soon, you find yourself right back in the spot you were in when you began your healthy program and have no motivation to start over again.  Don’t sabotage yourself this way! Let your self have a treat here and there and get right back on track. It’s OK! You aren’t going to ruin everything you have worked hard for in one sitting. But, if you keep doing it over and over again, its hard to start again. Be good to yourself!
  9. If you are always trying to eat better out of self hate and body loathing, it is never going to be an enjoyable journey that will become a lifestyle.  Learn to accept your body and just try to be healthy.  Learn to enjoy the process and the results will come. I promise you will be a much happier person!
  10. If it helps you to look at a famous person or model to motivate you to achieve your results, find someone who has a similar body shape and someone who is more attainable for you. If you have a curvaceous body, it isn’t going to be motivating or attainable to hang Kate Moss on your fridge.  All this will do is set you up for failure and get you down on yourself that you can’t have a boy body like her.  Look at people like Jennifer Lopez who is beautiful and proud of her curves. This will be more motivating and will help you to see good results.

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